Top 20 Weird But Amazing Uses For Green Tea

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Top 20 Weird But Amazing Uses For Green Tea
Top 20 Weird But Amazing Uses For Green Tea. Graphic © Photo © Shutterstock 111810050 (under license)

Here is our latest discovery to add to the ongoing “weird but amazing” series: Green Tea.

Now this one makes me feel as though I must be seriously normal – or maybe lacking in true creativity in all the important ways….

Who on earth discovered that green tea could be used to freshen a lingerie drawer???? The only explanation I can possibly think of is this: A green teabag “accidentally” ended up in someone’s lingerie drawer and forgotten about. Did someone take it out of their tea, aim for the waste paper basket and miss, and not bother to retrieve the teabag? The person kept a “secret stash” of green tea in their underwear and forgot about it, then noticed how great their underwear smelled one day? I really can’t fathom it to be honest.

But that’s not all, of course. There are nineteen others, too. Some of these you may recognize: Eyelid “spa treatment”, weight loss treatment, ice cream flavor…. but there are definitely a few more in the “file under weird” category. I’m definitely going to try the fridge deodorizer one though. Anything’s worth a shot at this point.

If you decide to use green tea in the “normal” way – it is a healthy, revitalizing drink; typically not as high in caffeine as black tea. To make the best green tea, don’t use freshly boiled water. This can make the tea too bitter due to the higher amount of tannins that would be released. Black tea is best with freshly boiled water – because high temperatures are required in order to brew it properly. For green tea on the other hand, aficionados advise that the perfect water temperature varies depending on the variety: 61 to 69°C (142 to 156°F) at the coolest end of the spectrum and 81 to 87°C (178 to 189°F) at the hottest. Some varieties of green tea are brewed for as little as 30 seconds. Just don’t offer that to a Brit…. 😉

Here, then, after my usual ramblings, is the original and full list of 20 Weird But Amazing Uses For Green Tea from our friends at the Eco Salon.

If someone does test out green tea in their lingerie drawer, please do your part for science and publish your lab notes in the comments… thanks.

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  • By Donna Cobus, April 19, 2013 @ 1:24 am

    Have been drinking green tea only for years…it rids my body of excess fluid (I have heart failure and fluid builds up), I am constantly asked why my skin is still youngish for my age (51) my hair is thick and long, I think it’s got a lot to do with the tea. But you would have to drink it only, not black tea. When I drink black tea (accidentally) I find it dries out my throat and I start coughing….

  • By April, July 10, 2013 @ 1:34 pm

    I can totally see the drawer freshener happy accident. I hide everything non-spoiling that I want reasonably rationed in various drawers and cubbies: cookies, chocolate, crackers, popcorn, and yes even tea (chamomile). My kids and spouse don’t really have that eat a few at a time and share concept down. Though often I just go on the theory if I don’t get any because they suck down the whole package in a day, I just don’t buy it.

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