Criminally Insane: FDA Approves Genetically Engineered “Franken-Salmon” Despite Massive Public Opposition

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To all the “great crimes” that have been committed by humans – genocide, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, invasion of a sovereign nation, chemical warfare, etc – is added today another utterly heinous act of barbarism. A despicable, monumental crime of hubris, greed, crass idiocy and sheer indifference: The FDA has given the green light to genetically engineered “AquaBounty” Salmon.

Despite an astonishing 2 million+ signatures on a petition – the people clearly and plainly indicating that this was NOT wanted by them – the FDA have gone ahead with it. So much for democracy. So much for the environment. As for sanity? Well, who needs that? There’s money to be made, boys.

The deed is done. It’s over. If you have any “humanity” whatsoever inside you, you might weep and say a requiem for the creature formerly known to us as the salmon – because its day has passed.

Follow The Money

The FDA’s decision completely disregards AquaBounty’s questionable environmental record and the potential problems which would be associated with an environmentally damaging escape of GMO salmon. In recent years, AquaBounty facilities outside the U.S. have dealt with accidental disease outbreak, an accident that leads to “lost” salmon, and a (paltry) $9,500 fine from Panamanian regulators who found the company in breach of that country’s environmental laws. [1]

The FDA is supposed to protect public safety, yet the agency’s environmental review was done in the form of an environmental assessment instead of a more thorough environmental impact statement that would fully consider the threat this controversial new fish could pose to wild fish populations and ecosystems. It is already known to Canadian researchers that GMO salmon readily breed with a different species of fish, a potential risk that FDA never addressed in its risk assessment. [1]

Equally bad – you won’t know if you are eating it: This product will be unlabeled, making it impossible for concerned consumers to distinguish between GMO and non-GMO salmon. Not only does this flagrantly violate our fundamental right to know how our food is produced, it is simply bad for business since many consumers (including me!) will now avoid purchasing any salmon out of protest and fear it is genetically engineered.

Their DNA Is Not Our Property. It Does Not Belong To Us.

Let’s be absolutely clear: The insane purpose behind this crime was not to “improve” the salmon in any way that benefits the salmon, but purely to increase the profits from its exploitation; treating this magnificent creature as if it was a mere machine part that could be modified in order to increase performance.

There was nothing whatsoever about the Salmon that needed amendment. It was not broken. It was already perfect. This vile scheme to mutate it was concocted in the mind of the only creature deranged enough to think that this could possibly be a good idea, and the only one barbaric enough to see it through – humans.

The damage done to this creature is irreparable. It cannot be repaired. If a single one of these mutant salmon escapes into the wild and breeds with non-GMO salmon stock – the native salmon’s DNA will never be able to recover its original state. We simply have no idea how such creatures will fare. What if there is a new “accidental disease outbreak” in this artificial strain, or the gigantic manufactured fish outcompete and wipe out the native salmon? The point is, once Pandora’s Box is opened, it cannot be closed. There is simply no going back when you mess with nature at this level. That’s what makes it a crime of the highest order.

But they simply don’t care. There’s too much money on the table to let a little thing like the willful, criminal destruction of an entire species or even an ecosystem get in the way. As far as they are concerned, this is not really a sentient living being but just another ripe, juicy part of the machine to be commodified, exploited and profited from.

SALMON ARE LIVING CREATURES! They are not dead, soulless, machine parts in a profit-generating construction toy that can be disassembled and reassembled at will. Are you so utterly lost that this means nothing to you? They are ALIVE. Their DNA belongs to their species. It is not our property. It is simply not ours to tamper with. We do not have that right – and anyone who argues that we do is criminally insane.

In truth, Aquabounty is not a salmon. It is a lab created “Frankenfish”. Do you want to eat that? Well, you won’t know whether you are eating it or not, because it will be simply labeled “Salmon”.

The genetic scientist who stated arrogantly “If we do not play God, who will?” ought really to be locked up and have the key thrown away. Not for blasphemy, but for the astonishing hubris of thinking that humans have the capability to improve on that which they completely fail to understand.

The old religious worldview that the universe was created by God has been replaced, not by a “more sane” and rational one, but by the reductionist notion that the universe is ultimately made up of “dead” mechanical parts that can be taken apart and rearranged with absolute impunity. Strange that those preaching this “zombie doctrine” are also believers in evolution.

Legal Action Against The FDA

The brave folks at the Center For Food Safety (no affiliation) are launching legal action. They plan to sue the FDA and challenge its approval of these untested, unlabeled monsters. They are asking for donations to their legal fund and the link is here: Help Center For Food Safety Fight The Approval Of Genetically Modified Salmon In Court

It’s just wrong. Pure and simple. I fully believe that historians of the far future (should they exist and be aware of the facts) will look back at these events and will view them as among the greatest crimes ever committed by humans. They will be as shocked at our insanity as we are when reviewing the medieval logic of the Inquisition. But the humans, far too stupid to comprehend the nature and extent of their criminality, continue ever onwards in their blind quest to get rich, get fat, overbreed, destroy their world and congratulate themselves on how incredibly clever they are. Carry on.

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