How To Heal Cavities: The Astonishing Claims Of The Oil Pullers

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How To Heal CavitiesImage – (with permission)

Note – image is for illustrative purposes only. We make no guarantees of results using this method; we are merely reporting on the findings and personal claims made by others.

We discovered an astonishing report made by people practicing the art of oil pulling for dental health. (The link to the report follows after our introduction to the topic and further research.) A husband and wife couple experimented with oil pulling (swishing coconut oil in the mouth for 20 minutes each day) and claim assertively that their cavities have healed as a result, leaving their teeth in far better condition than they were previously! They give a good explanation of the theory behind their claims and it makes good reading.

Their claims are highly controversial because they go directly against the position of orthodox dentistry – which takes the view that cavities are “permanent” and that teeth simply cannot regenerate; requiring fillings or other procedures to repair the teeth. I too was of the belief (no doubt like almost everybody else) that cavities are “incurable” – and that once you get a cavity, a trip to the dentist is required – no real choice in the matter – to get a filling or perhaps a more serious (and costly) procedure. And like most others I simply believed what I had been told – which is that there’s “no way back” from a cavity….. that “the only way is down” as far as dental health is concerned, and that the best we can do is to try to prevent our teeth from getting any worse.

And yet – this never quite made sense to me. I often asked myself “Why is it that our other parts have evolved to last a lifetime, yet our teeth do not? Why can broken bones mend, but not damaged teeth?” Has anyone else ever thought about how weird this is? It just doesn’t really compute if you look at the bigger picture. Why would our teeth not last a lifetime?

It turns out that this is actually a very good question. Perhaps we should be looking for the answers in the kind of world that our bodies were evolutionarily designed for i.e. that of pre-agricultural times! Could it be that tooth decay is entirely a product of agricultural era? This topic gets pretty deep…

The first time I came across the notion that “perfect teeth” could be achieved outside of the scope of dentistry was through the work of award winning film maker Alan Ereira – who made a sensational documentary (truly worth watching!) in the early 1990’s about the remote and ancient Kogi Indian tribe of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. I met Ereira when he gave a lecture on the topic and he stated that the Kogi all had perfect teeth – something very surprising to him as they had no access whatsoever to dental treatment. He had been expecting them to have many missing teeth, as people in “civilization” do after years without dental care. He was astonished by their level of health and longevity and I’ll never forget his line “Not even their horses had flies on them”.

Others have since theorized that the superb dental health of some tribal people is attributable to the wild environment from which they derive their food. Their diet is not derived from mineral-depleted soils such as those of the typical agricultural environment. So I was astonished when I then discovered a brilliantly written (but controversial) article by “The Wellness Mama” about the breakthrough dental discoveries of Dr. Weston A. Price.

The Wellness Mama’s brilliant article reports on the work of Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist who traveled around the world, investigating and comparing the dental health of people in remote indigenous tribal groups. Although one might expect that people without any access whatsoever to modern dental care would have very poor dental health, Dr. Price discovered that some of these people typically had perfect teeth. How was this even possible? Similar findings have also been reported by explorers who have visited tribes that were completely disconnected from the modern world.

It gets even more interesting: Dr. Price reports that when modern processed foods were introduced into the diets of these people, degeneration of their dental health began. Price’s research led him finally to the astounding conclusion that not only is a natural diet rich in bioavailable minerals essential to good dental health, but that if the right diet was employed, not only did tooth decay cease but it actually began to heal. Dr. Price’s book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” is currently receiving an incredible string of five-star reviews on In short, people are raving about his work! Price is one of a group of researchers whose work indicates that degenerative disease is a product of the modern diet.

Could this be revealing a deep flaw in the modern agricultural method? It’s been claimed that lichens and other microorganisms chelate the minerals from the rocks and that the use of chemical pesticides, killing these essential components of the “living soil”, causes the mineral content of produce to be depleted. Ever wondered why non-organic produce generally has a bland flavor, pale color and lower nutritional content?

Something to think about, isn’t it?

It appears that the oil pulling technique may have a similar action of cleansing and remineralizing the teeth. Clearly more research is needed before this can be considered proven – but this is truly an exciting idea and one that deserves full investigation!

Ok here’s the link to the full oil pulling cavity reversal report:

(There are also numerous comments on the original and these are very informative also.)

What do you think? Please let us know your opinions on our Facebook page or in the comments.

The information on this page has not been evaluated by the FDA and this article is general information only; it is not medical advice nor a substitute for consultation with a dental or medical professional.

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69 thoughts on “How To Heal Cavities: The Astonishing Claims Of The Oil Pullers

  1. Wow this is amazing stuff. Quite interesting. How long did the oil pulling take for the cavities to heal themselves?

  2. Well what I think…. It is possible and true, b’coz coconut oil has those strong compounds, minerals and vitamins which helps to cure. I remember that my mother always massage coconut oil in my hair for nourishment, for excellent growth and for protection (from several diseases such as DANDARUFF) so the greatest proof is that I and my brothers HAD 100% healthy hair in our families. Why I used (Had) must be in everyone’s mind… the reason is this, until my hair care was in my mother’s hand, they were in excellent condition but now they are in my hand… I think you get the idea. But today, when I read this article I am thinking to switch back to it. As I am also mother of two boys so I want the same thing for my kids, what my mother wanted for us. There is one more properties of coconut oil (which I know) is that; it can heal the scars and burnt skin, no matter how badly its burn. Why I am so sure about it? b’coz there is a story behind it and that is when I was a kid, I burned from the hot boiling lentil soup and it was extremely bad as the soup spill down on one side of my whole body that my parents had to rush me to the hospital in an ambulance and there I got treated but with that I remember my mother applied coconut oil every night on my burn part and due to that there’s hardly any scar left and I am perfectly healthy as that now I have; kids and all kind of normal activities a woman can do. So that’s why I have the strongest believe in it. As I was researching, I came to know that if you use it as a cooking oil than there won’t be any internal health issues in women like delay of menstrual period, P.M.S, infertility, obesity, cravings and even menopause. I have many friends (Indian ladies) here in Dubai, for the further prove I ask them and their answers were same what I have searched for. About the dental issues, off course I have faced the same situation of cavities. My mother told me that his father never had any teeth issue as he never used any kind of toothpastes but even then he got strongest teeth enough to break a walnut shell and when he died at the age of 80, his teeth were within his mouth. The reason of that is; he only used SALT and BLACKPEPPER as a toothpaste and as a mouth rinse too, so he never even had a bad breath. Now after reading this article I will definitely try oil pulling and I think there is no harm in using it.

  3. I’m sooo looking this up because your
    right it doesn’t make sense.
    Love information like this.

  4. I was told I had a cavity three years ago and it has entirely reversed by the time i returned to the dentist for a cleaning. I did not go back to do the other filling because of the pain of the first procedure and instead moved to a non-gmo non-processed diet and had significant increases in dental health as a result. I do not eat processed sugars and take polysaccharides daily.

  5. I would also like to know how long it took them. I was recently to the dentist and have documented cavities that I have yet to have filled. I’d like to see if I can test the theory myself.

  6. I did hear of this but as the oil come in solid form I found that I was just swishing lumps around my mouth. Can you get in liquid form? As would love to try, but so far has not been successful for me. Many thanks.

  7. I have been oil pulling for months. I have been self employed for many years, and couldn’t afford dental insurance. My husband recently obtained dental insurance through his work, and when I went after 12 years of having a cleaning or going to then dentist, I didn’t have ONE cavity! I know I did before, because my teeth were so sensitive, and constantly getting food stuck in them. Top that off one of my fillings from twelve years had fallen out over a year ago. When I went to the dentist, he waited for a while to replace that filling because he said that there was ‘no apparent deterioration’. I was getting my wisdom teeth pulled, and because that hole where the missing filling was was perfectly fine, he waited a month to refill it. I am a firm believer, and will continue to oil pull for the rest of my life.

  8. I’ve done this for over a year, with various oils including canola oil and olive oil. It not only heals your teeth and gums, but whitens them, as well.
    The teeth have a direct link to the heart; healthy teeth- healthy heart.

  9. Hi Asmashoaib, do you know the proportion of SALT and BLACKPEPPER your father used as toothpaste/mouth rinse?

  10. Hi Suziezt, yes off course I do know as I myself use the same thing. You just have to use your index finger to Let the salt and blackpepper get stick to its like a pinch of both thing. Do not use more then that or otherwise it will burn you mouth’s skin.

  11. I’m pretty sure their teeth fare better than ours do because they don’t have as many sweets….

  12. Hi Laura. When coconut oil is cold it woul turn to a solid. You may just need to warm it up a bit to room temp to get it to liquid form. Here in the Caribbean it’s hot so we don’t really get it in solid form unless the store where u purchase it from was cold from the air condition. Hope this helps.

  13. Victoria and Laura, You shouldn’t microwave coconut oil. Microwaving kills the good properties of the oil. Just chew the solid oil and that combined with the warmth of your mouth will turn it to liquid form. I do this before I get in the shower in the morning, and the warmth of the shower helps also.

  14. This really does work. The solid oil melts in seconds in your mouth if you are using the right kind. It needs to be organic and cold pressed. The stuff that’s been heated has lost the properties that make it work. Also you can use sesame oil instead if you prefer…it actually works as well if not better.

  15. When you put a large tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and start swishing it and pulling it in and out of your teeth, it warms up to a liquid. Do this for twenty minutes and when that time is up, spit it into the garbage can or into a paper towel because you don’t want to clog up your sink.

  16. For those of you asking how to melt coconut oil. You can put some in a little container like a small prescription bottle or little tiny jar and put it in your pocket and it will be liquid in a little while.

  17. Heck, I use coconut oil for skin and hand moisturizer. Coconut oil is truly a miracle food. My father used to tell me if you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin! ( talking about hand creams and moisturizers and sunscreens too)
    Another use for coconut oil is sunscreen. It works. Although I don’t advise you to use it if you are very fair skin. Stay in the shade or wear clothes to cover your skin.

  18. Melt the oil on your stovetop. NEVER microwave ANYTHING!! Microwaves change the basic compounds and cellular makeup of everything you warm in them. Nazi’s used to use them as mass murder weapons. Europe banned use of them in the 80’s and 90’s due to their radiation output that is well over the cancer causing amount. We disposed of ours year ago and saw huge health benefits. We now use a small toaster oven to heat up what we used to heat in the micro. Takes a few minutes longer but way worth the health benefits!!

  19. I didn’t go to a dentist for 8 years, starting from when I left home to go to Uni and finishing just prior to leaving to move abroad. I spent those 8 years drinking heavily, taking various recreational drugs, eating fried and processed foods almost exclusively and rarely brushing my teeth twice a day. Generally i would brush them in the morning but often missed nights due to my indulgent lifestyle. When I went to see the dentist after this 8 year stretch I required zero fillings, although I did need a tooth touched up due to a chip incurred from the tongue stud I wore at the time. I have since left my life of hedonistic indulgence and in the 5 years that have passed I have picked up running, strength training and Muay thai in addition to a single cavity. This is a dramatic increase in general fitness against correlated with a decrease in dental care. In short, for zero cavities: DONT brush twice daily; DO eat fatty, processed foods; DO take lots of recreational drugs; DO drink heavily 3-4 times a week; DONT partake in any exercise other than drug fueled dance sessions of 4-5 hours weekly.

  20. Absolutely love the coconut taste reminds me of a Piña Colada on the beach in Aitutaki.
    Only $8 for 300g – the Melrose Health Australia product is organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil and melts in your mouth immediately on swishing.

  21. I have a friend who swears by this method. She uses cold-pressed, organic sesame seed oil. She has the whitest most perfect teeth I’ve ever seen. I think I’m ready to give it a go.

  22. Please don’t microwave your coconut oil – that will destroy all the properties that makes it work! Placing it in your mouth for a minute or so will melt it naturally

  23. For everyone asking when you put solid coconut oil in your mouth it dossves in a couple mins and turns Into a liqued

  24. I love anything that is not FDA evaluated or approved. We see what happens with all these FDA approved medicines and remedies. I purposely look for products without FDA approval or evaluation.

  25. Cavities break the enamel of the tooth bringing to a softer service called dentin. You can not replace your enamel once it’s gone it’s gone.

  26. The coconut oil will turn to liquid quickly in your mouth. It melts at 76°. Unless someone has a lower body temperature than 76° it will melt easily. If ones body temperature is that low I think they have bigger problems. Don’t microwave it unless you want to lose its good properties.

  27. Coconut oil is so healthy for you! It’s also great to use for tanning and soften ur hair. I’m gonna use it on my teeth just for the whitening effects.

  28. My doctor is a big advocate for oil pulling. She recommended to my daughter and me and she and her husband do this nightly for 20 minutes.

  29. How long do you have to be doing this for it to heal them? Days? Mouths? Years?

  30. If u keep your coconut oil in the cabinet above your frig it will stay in liquid form. Coconut oil has a very low melting point.

  31. I use Spectrum Naturals: Expeller Pressed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
    for oil pulling, been doing it for about 6 months, I drink a lot of coffee so teeth arent really white, but I have noticed the sensitivity
    to hot and cold is way down, and a couple of teeth that would have a slight ache to them once and a while no longer do….
    I started because I read it would help detox your whole body, this is a nice benefit…..

  32. Been wanting to try this but am afraid the oil will mess with the glue on my crown.

  33. Hi,
    This is excellent procedure to keep hygiene of your mouth on top level.
    I have tried it on many of my patients.
    I am an ayurvedic physician and I use to advise various oil based herbal formulation. In this way i ensure better oral hygiene of my patients.

  34. Is there a brand that is really good that I can get from woolies? I live in Australia if that helps 🙂

  35. I have a very low white blood cell count, so it’s hard for me to fight off disease & bacteria. At one point, I was getting about 2 cavities every 6 months, even though I brushed, used mouth wash, & increased my nutrition supplements (organic whole food based). I started using coconut oil pulling, & my cavities stopped forming=)

  36. Another comment. If you really want to try this. Go to your dentist and have all your teeth fixed. Then start using the oil. Continue to go to the dentist and monitor if you have any new decay. That way the decay you already have will not get worse and you can see if the oil really works, does nothing or makes your teeth worse. I am amazed at the people that will read something and think that it is true automatically. If this worked and healed teeth, everyone would be doing it and there would be a company making millions of dollars on this. Think before you make dumb decisions. There are so many people taking advantage of the type of people that will try something without researching it. Maybe there are benefits to this. I am not saying there aren’t. But when you start out with a picture that shows before decay and teeth after fillings and tell people that the oil is healing your teeth how much can you really believe. Do your research. Find articles by actual people that have done studies and have evidence that something works. Who wrote this article? Who is benefiting by people trying this? What happens if it doesn’t work and you put off dental work that has now excelerated and costs so much more to fix, if you can still fix the teeth. Don’t let people take advantage of you and don’t make stupid decisions just because someone says it works.

  37. Never trust anyone with your health who stands to make a profit if your health fails…

  38. Where can I buy this oil and what is the exact name of this oil? Virgin pure etc?

  39. To turn Coconut oil from a solid to a liquid just stick a pot of hot water on the stove and put the bottle of oil in it…or microwave. it has a VERY low melting point it should melt in your mouth

  40. Organic cold pressed sesame oil is actually the best thing to use for oil pulling

  41. I set my jar near the warm instruments here at work and it liquifies. I use it then put it back on the shelf where it turns back solid. You could set it near a heater or stove or an other warm place.

  42. After reading ur article on oil pulling 3weeks before,I was planing to visit the dentist, one of my tooth had become
    Black and I was in pain and my teeth had become very sensitive to cold.i tried oil pulling as I thought no harm
    But the result are amazing, the blackness has almost disappeared ,teeth-are no longer sensitive.thank u very much for ur article.a I am a great believer in alternative healing I cured my back pain with yoga,now I teach therapatic yoga thank you

  43. Can someone please tell me if you swish the oil before or after brushing with toothpaste?Guessing after…?

  44. I started coconut oil pulling about a year ago, I only do it in the morning before brushing my teeth. I don’t melt it since it melts quickly in my mouth, I will do this while getting ready for my day. Also, it’s the only moisturizer I use on my body and face, cheaper than those commercial chemical lotions. Only buy organic and cold pressed coconut oil. Occasionally, I’ll get a sore gum or sore teeth and I’ll double up on my pulling and all the soreness disappears. I even get my husband to do the pulling when he complains of sore teeth (can’t convince him to do it all the time) and he admits that the toothache is gone…. why isn’t that enough for him? He’s lazy. LOL

  45. Hi All,I have to tell you from personal experience that you can even grow a demaged teeth back. It takes time and care but it workes. About 15 years ago about one quarter of my teeth on the front broke of by drinking cold water. The broken part was from the top of the teeth right down to the bottom. I did not do anything about it at that time , it did not get worst or better. About 4 years ago I started a technique. Every time I washed my teeth I said to myself that all my teeth are healthy and I visualized them beeing healthy. I did not even give extra attention for the damaged one. About three years later I realized that the broken one almost grown back to it’s original state. It still has a bit missing on the top but it is almost invisible.

  46. Coconut oil melts in the mouth. It takes some getting used to, but, you should never need to melt it first. Just put a lump on the tongue and wait a minute for it to melt. Swish it around for 20 minutes. And make sure to spit into the trash as the oil will resolidify and clog pipes if you spit it in the sink.

  47. people are making all kinds of silly comments like not believing the oilpulling cause someone might profit from it ,for god’s sake it’s only oil not an expensive item and there was no mentioning of a specific brand so why this negative attitude . i would say try it out i have and my dentist whas amazed she wanted to know what i did and i gave her my recipe here it goes about 30 ml of sesame oil, 60 ml sunflowerseed oil both organic,7 drops of manuka, 7 drops of teatree , 7 drops of cloveoil and 7 drops of lemonoil all are essential oils of good quality mix these with the other 2 base oils and take about 10 ml every morning i swish it around till i feel the oil turning into a waterlike substance and than i spit it out. after spitting the oil out you have to rinse your mouth with luke warm water to avoid reabsorbing the bacteria again through the leftover oil residue.
    I mix the sesame with the sunflower because sesame alone is very astringent and immidiately gives your mouth the sensation of being vacuum cleaned wich is unpleasant to say the go and suprise your dentist.

  48. Oil Pulling has long been practiced in India. Sesame oil is more commonly used than coconut oil. Olive oil can also work. Oil pulling is said to have a detox effect on the whole body, apart from directly benefiting teeth

  49. Coconut oil will melt in your mouth, only takes a few seconds, then you can swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes, spit it out, then rinse your mouth out, then brush your teeth, you will notice a big difference within a month of using it, your teeth will even feel an look cleaner, i’m 41 an have never had a cavity as of yet, even if you’re having a hard time beleiving any of this, try it anyway, Coconut oil isn’t bad for you at all, so it deff can’t hurt

  50. I swear to coconut oil’s many health benefits. According to some scientist it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, which I found them to be true. Months before, my dentist scheduled me for a root canal procedure which according to her would cost me a lot, so I refused. I just took a table spoonful of coconut oil for 3 times a day and since then I have not felt any pain in my molar. I have been using oil pulling for my teeth and gum health and it works. My sore throat and coughing also are banished by coconut oil.

  51. In Trinidad, West Indies (Caribbean) where I’m from I believe the brand of coconut oil that best suits the description of the oil quality is the “Nariel Brand”. I say this because this oil turns into solid because of the air conditioning at the supermarkets. I remembered older folks who made it would say the oil is “sleeping” when it’s cold. I have a wisdom tooth that has a cavity and I’m in excruciating pains. Nsaids and Curam can’t help no more till I have it extracted. It’s badly off! I’m on Facebook quite often looking for goods reading info and checking out educational pages. I came across one that highlighted healing your cavities – oil pulling whilst going through aweful toothache, jaw, eyes, head aches and I immediately went for the oil and took my 2 coconut oil spoonfuls and swish’em up desperately for a relief. I’m here sitting with a relief. No pains! I’m shocked! Living in pain for weeks and all drugged up. Coconut oil pulling has got to be highly potent for all the reasons stated and should be strongly recommended & endorsed by all.

  52. I have been coconut oil pulling for years and have heaps of cavities so I feel qualified to give my opinion on this.

    As far as I have experienced, Coconut oil pulling does NOT reverse cavities. HOWEVER, it does stop them from getting any worse and it stops any new ones from forming. This is based on my own experience. From this alone, its worth doing!!

  53. An x-ray just revealed a cavity underneath an existing filling. Will the coconut oil pulling reach that cavity or does it only work on surface cavities?

  54. I believe it is ORGANIC VIRGIN UNREFINED Coconut, Sesame and Sunflower Oils that we should be using. It’s become popular to where it’s being stocked in nearly every general store. I usually buy mine at Walmart. But, I never buy the same kind. I think it’s healthier to benefit from the various brands, where one is better than the other but in different ways. Vitamins are the same way!

    STORE in a cool place so that it stays as fresh as possible. The refrigerator is ideal, but we don’t have the room in our small frig and I use it quick enough. It’s great for whitening and growing strong fingernails and toenails too. I use the old jar of oil on my elbows and feet. I throw it away when it’s begins to smell rancid.

    MELT it in your mouth. If it’s unfavorable for you to take it that way, then slowly melt it on the stove or set it someplace warm. If you add ingredients separately, melt the coconut in your mouth first, then add the others. Return your jar to a cool place. I take a spoonful.

    SPIT it in the trash. It will clog your plumbing. If you accidentally spit in the sink, rinse with warm soapy water for a few minutes. You can safely rinse your mouth and spit in the sink. I’m surprised that nobody said anything about this. We cannot have nice teeth and bad plumbing. 😉

    I borrowed Camilla’s recipe… but you can use any essential oil, that is consumable, per your taste preference…

    30 ml of Sesame Oil, 60 ml Sunflower Seed Oil both organic,7 drops of Manuka, 7 drops of Teatree Oil, 7 drops of Clove Oil and 7 drops of Lemonoil (Not Lemon Oil) all are essential oils of good quality mix these with the other 2 base oils and take about 10 ml every morning.

    CLOVE OIL / MUSTARD / MUSTARD SEED / MUSTARD OIL – MUSTARD is usually in stock, which has Turmeric which is good to relieve a toothache and is good for your body. Any type of Mustard and Clove Oil should relieve pain. Some swear that Garlic relieves toothaches also. I’ve only used Mustard.

    See also benefits of natural healing, body cleansing, poultices, etc.

  55. I forget to add that I’ve read where tooth healing works as quick as 1 month for a cavity just starting. It really depends on diet, oral hygiene and if you’re pulling daily.

    Also, a mother posted that said her toddler son had a cavity and she used CLARIFIED BUTTER* to heal it. She smeared the butter in his cavity before bedtime. I’m applying clarified butter to my son’s tooth cavity. I’ll let you know the outcome. Now, if I can remember to do it every night.

    *Clarified butter is when the butter separates from melting and cooling. When it solidifies, you will see two shades of color. It’s a darker and grittier separation that’s clarified.

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