20 Weird But Amazing Uses For Eggs And Eggshells

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20 Weird But Amazing Uses For Eggs And Eggshells
20 Weird But Amazing Uses For Eggs And Eggshells. Graphic © herbshealthhappiness.com. Photo © AdobeStock 40649246 (under license)

Today’s set of “weird but amazing uses for everyday objects” is all about the humble egg and its shell – and definitely contains some weird ones. A few of them are just plain “out there”. Many of these I had not heard of before my recent discovery of Eco Salon’s page (link at the foot of my commentary).

Most of the 20 uses are pretty brilliant – and there are a few that really caught my eye. I love the idea of egg white makeshift band-aid… and the jewelry enhancer? There’s some interesting chemistry at work there… presumably the egg yolk reacts with the silver to create silver sulphide – which may result in an interesting hued-patina on the surface of the silver. Whatever the results, it seems likely that you could clean off the patina with silver polish if you wanted to.

I have to be honest, though: A couple of these I would not try. I just wouldn’t. Egg yolk as facial or egg yolk as shampoo? No, I am not cracking an egg in my hair or on my face! I’m just not! Is this just the latest extension of the fashion for edible items ending up in bathroom products? Or is there actually something to it? Can someone verify?

I’ve searched around (plenty of articles on this subject) and found a few other uses to add in as a bonus

1. Eggshells can be used as an abrasive due to their roughness. However, they would leave scratches on stainless steel.

2. Slug deterrent. Grind the eggshells roughly and sprinkle them around the base of precious plants. Think about it, slugs and worms are not going to like this crunchy, scrapey stuff – and it’s eco friendly as not only will the eggshell biodegrade fully after a while, but it will provide essential nutrients (calcium) for the plant. Triple action!

3. Natural News has a confident-sounding article about tooth remineralization [1] using comfrey and eggshells! I have no idea if this works, but it is a fascinating concept and “looks good on paper” due to the properties of these two items.

4. Cat deterrent. Apparently cats don’t like walking on crunched up eggshells either – and it is said that they will habitually avoid areas where the pieces have been scattered.

5. Use the eggshells as seed planters. This is an elegant idea, and I made a post about it recently: How To Plant Seeds Using Eggshells

A safety tip – it is possible that eggshells may contain bacteria. Putting them in a 150 degree oven for 10 minutes prior to use is suggested, as is cleaning the eggs prior to opening them.

Anyway here is the link to the full list of 20 weird but amazing uses for eggs and eggshells:




[1] Forget Filling Cavities: Regrow Your Teeth Instead. https://www.naturalnews.com/029112_teeth_regeneration.html

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20 Weird But Amazing Uses For Eggs And Eggshells
20 Weird But Amazing Uses For Eggs And Eggshells. Graphic © herbshealthhappiness.com. Photo – Pexels (PD)

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33 thoughts on “20 Weird But Amazing Uses For Eggs And Eggshells

  1. I haven’t used eggs for my hair or face, but I imagine it would actually be really good for your hair & skin. One important use for eggs I was really surprised to not see on this list is using egg whites to treat burns. When applied immediately, the cold egg white soothes the burn and all the vitamins and minerals help prevent scarring. I’ve used this remedy before when burning my hand taking the Thanksgiving turkey out of the oven and it was much more effective than any burn cream I’ve used! Much more economical too.

  2. Back in the 70’s lots of shampoos had egg in them and we used to add it to our shampoo as we showered. It adds volume and luster.

  3. my mother would wash her hair in egg and rinse it out with beer, the rinse with water once a month; she had beautiful soft shiny hair all her life; i often do it myself but i don’t like the feel of the egg in my hair.

  4. Do a little more research on the burn treatment. I’ve read that it isn’t a good idea, but I don’t know.

  5. You can use egg yolk in your hair but rinse out with cold water…not very hot water like my sister did, and had to have the resulting scrambled egg scraped out of her hair with a lice comb! I won’t use it because I can’t stand the smell of egg. Not in my hair. Never.

  6. egg shells do not work for slugs. The only thing that really works is beer in a plastic container , buried to the rim. The slugs fall in and drown. But I still find myself scooping them up on a hand shovel and salting them

  7. When I went to Beauty School sixteen years ago, we were taught that eggs and yogurt both were great to use for facials. We practiced with them. Very cleansing and natural!

  8. another great use for eggshells is to let them dry, crumble them and feed them to your chickens, they will eat it just like grit.

  9. little fyi: once a month i take a whole egg with a 1/4 tsp of mayonaise; mix’em tog & massage into my hair. then i take a large piece of clear plastic wrap & make a turban for my head, leave it on for 7 mins, then rinse it out or shower. it leaves my hair super shiny AND i’ve had my hair permed/dyed/cut/producted to death/curling iron AND each time i visit my hairdresser she’s amazed at how healthy my hair is…..so eggs ARE good for the hair.

  10. The membrane inside the shell will draw out boils, just put some of it on the boil and let it dry, Remove carefully cause it can tear your skin if you pull too fast

  11. I have used and was taught by my Mother back in the early 70’s to use egg white masks. it’s awesome! shrinks pores and smooths your skin,albiet temporary but still has long term effects to your benefit. put it on after washing the face,dry then put on the whites, let dry, then rinse off. you will notice an immediate difference.

  12. One has to remember that the yoke of an egg is pure protein. I don’t use soap on my face, just water, occasionally Neutrogena soap. Once a month I get two egg yokes beat them together, and put it on my face as you would a mask. It get hard, make sure you don’t smile cause it will leave a crease, hahahah, after about 45minutes to 1 hour, rinse off with warm water, you face will be nice and clean. If you work where there is a lot of traffic or you outside a lot do it about once a week or two. Your skin will feel so soft, its wonderful..been doing it for many years..

  13. I certainly have used egg white and yolk for face and hair!
    Egg white – semi-whipped as face masque
    Egg yolk(3), mixed with 3 TS of olive oil and a few drops of lemon (for shine) makes a great hair “masque”. Apply generously and leave for a couple of hours (or overnight) – and gain beautiful, silky hair!

  14. I like to recommend egg whites for burns…once I was frying when the hot oil splattered on my face…immediately I washed my face with water from the faucet, pat it dry and immediately apply egg white liberally in the burnt area…you will feel the sting at the same time tightness …if I didn’t have that first aid I may have a scarred face from the burn…

  15. Using a raw egg yolk mask was something I did quite regularly as a teenager. I am now a parent with grown adult kids. Got the idea from a women’s magazine. Separate the yolk from the egg white. Whip the egg white and set aside. Cleanse the face, placing some moisturizer around the eye and mouth area where you avoid placing the egg yolk, then place the beaten egg yolk on face. It will dry and tighten into an excellent tightening mask. Leave on for 15 minutes. Wash off with tepid water. Place the whipped egg white on your face and rest for a further ten to fifteen minutes then wash with tepid water. Lastly splash with cold water to close the pores. Cheap and very good face mask. Brings colour to the face and draws out blackheads and impurities. Tightening as well. Moisturize afterwards as can tend to be slightly drying.

  16. Some eggshells put into a little sack of netting of some sort and hung in the branches of a peach tree will stop Peach Tree Leaf Curl. I didn’t believe it until I tried it: very effective!

  17. If your child wets the bed burn egg shells till very well chard and wash down with a glass of water — magic it works — tried and tested.

  18. citrust plants like calcium. crust eggshell will provide it and make the leeaves very green. of course it has to be planted in a sunny part of the yard.

  19. my dad would break up the shells and drop them down the hole of his spear house, it was easier to see when the fish would swim by

  20. egg white facial masks are amazing! they tighten your pores and ventually reduce the visibility of them making yer skin near flawless. ive been using eggs (an beer) in my hair since i was a teenager. you dont use tham as a shampoo, but more of a conditioner. they make yer hair soft soft SOFT ! added tip… vinegar as a rinse will bring out shine and highlights better than anything you can buy in the health and beauty aisle

  21. Egg whites whipped up and smoothed onto your face is the best facial mask of all. Wait till it hardens and then rinse it off… Your face will feel like a baby’s.

  22. SInce there are so many comments about someones mom using egg whites, I decided to post. I am a Gen Xer (closer to Gen Y) and I have used egg white masks on occasion. As the egg white dries on your skin it gets freakishly taut. Once you rinse, your skin looks and feels incredibly smooth; it also minimizes acne pimples. I love it and I am complimented on my skin all day everyday.

  23. You can also use the egg whites for glue, or take the egg shells and put them in a big jug and put cold water on them let them set for a week covered with a lid, then when they have rotted and smell funky pour the water on your house plants make them grow big and beautiful. I use to do this when I had house plants, every time I used eggs I would put them in the jug so I always had a supply of egg water, just refill with water each time.

  24. My gram used to take the membrane from inside the shell (it would have the gooey white on it) and put these on the face. When they dried, remove and wash face, pat dry. Left skin silky soft and made pores smaller.

  25. I noticed that u suggested planting seeds in empty cartons, I use egg shells, sitting in a carton. You can plant seeds in 1/2 an egg shell,put in a sunny window, and ur seedlings will thrive. When large enough to go outside, plant eggshell and all. Tomatoes do really well planted in egg cups. I do this every year!

  26. My Grandfather had amazing skin he always mixed Oil Ulan and egg white as mask on skin it tightens makes great mask coconut virgin pure oil best hair and skin and cooking and internal put bit in your tea also for burns best thing is ice and followed by Aloe Vera gel straight from plant also manuka honey great mask very but only organic

  27. Eggs and beer in shampoos has been around for years. Vo5 used to have one out that was good.

  28. My mom used eggshells and coffee grounds (after making the coffee 🙂 in her garden, she would soak the egg shells in water (bit smelly) and then water her plants, indoor and outdoor and she was known to have one of greenest thumbs around. The coffee grounds and crushed egg shells were then folded into the soil around the plants and the pests just stayed away and the plants thrived.

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