There’s An Untapped Wealth Of Useful Molecules In Avocado Seeds

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There's An Untapped Wealth Of Useful Molecules In Avocado Seeds
There’s An Untapped Wealth Of Useful Molecules In Avocado Seeds. Graphic © Photo © Shutterstock 785296315 (under license)

Most people love avocados. But the majority of people only regard the fruit’s goodness to the fleshy green portion of it. It may thus come as a surprise to you that the avocado seed is packed with more health returns than previously thought. Despite most people dismissing the seed husks as the “part to be thrown away”, studies have found that it could be the most beneficial part of avocados.

Several scientists have made discoveries regarding valuable compounds in avocado seeds. Recent research found that these usually-discarded treasures have 130 potentially valuable compounds. [1] Some of these have properties that are linked with combating cold sores, raising good cholesterol and fighting cancer. Heptacosane is one of the useful compounds which is found in the seeds while it is absent in the fleshy part of the fruit.

Health Benefits Of Avocado Seeds

• The seeds may help with cancer and heart conditions, among other diseases. [2] The results also indicated their potential use as sources of chemicals that are used in industry – for example in the production of plastics and other products.

• Avocado seeds have also been found to have properties that neutralize some microorganisms that are destructive to the human body.

• They also contain Vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium, among other compounds that can be used as supplements.

• Based on information from a 2013 study, avocado seeds can be used in treating inflammatory conditions. [3]

• The fiber contained in these seeds is also much more soluble than that in many other foods.

• Studies conducted on avocado seeds have found that they have health benefits such as reducing a person’s total cholesterol levels. This was concluded from the results in a test done on mice. They were also found to lower blood sugar levels in diabetic rats, and this indicates that they could have potential to explore as an anti-diabetic drug. [4] They may also help in reducing risk factors for heart diseases due to their reported effect of lowering blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels.

• The seeds also have properties that are antibacterial and antifungal.

How To Eat Avocado Seeds

These benefits should convince you to put avocado seeds to good use in your body the next time you have an avocado! However the hard seed is understandably difficult to eat. Don’t try just gnawing on it, if you value your teeth! It is also rather dangerous to attempt to cut – as it is slippery and also very hard. One possibility is to blend them into smoothies. You can do this by first crushing the seed in a nutcracker until it breaks into several pieces – carefully! Follow this up by grinding them into fine particles using a coffee grinder. Add to smoothies in small portions to monitor the change in taste. This is important to prevent making the smoothie too bitter – since the seed is usually quite bitter to the taste. Repeat this every time you make smoothies, and it will help you reap the rich benefits of the seed.


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