Dentists Reveal Amazing New Tooth Decay Treatment That Could Put An End To Fillings Forever

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Scientists at King’s College, London have developed an amazing pain-free dental treatment that enables teeth to repair themselves completely without “drilling and filling”. [1]

The new procedure, called Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation or EAER, utilizes just a small amount of electric current (that can’t be felt by the patient) to accelerate the movement of calcium and phosphate to the tooth to “self-repair” the damage.

A new company, Reminova, has been formed in order to commercialise the research and it’s thought that the procedure could be available within three years. [2] The company is the first to be created by the King’s College London Dental Innovation and Translation Centre, which was itself established in January 2014 to turn new dental technology into working practices.

Fillings – Less Than Ideal

We are taught to brush our teeth every meal, visit the dentist for annual to semi-annual check-ups, and get dental fillings for caries (tooth decay). Yet the statistics are pretty self-explanatory – anywhere between 60 to 90 percent of children and almost all adults now have dental cavities according to the WHO. [3]

The worst part of the problem of dental decay is that cavities are rarely painful until the condition has already become close to unmanageable. [4] Professor Pitts of Reminova stated that the conventional filling of teeth is not ideal and ultimately fails, requiring a larger area to be drilled and a new filling put in – with this cycle ultimately leading to the demise of the tooth. By using EAER, the body itself is facilitating the repair. It is thought that the procedure will also be able to be used for whitening teeth. [5]

Remineralization – Fact Or Fancy?

Many studies have now been done on remineralisation of teeth, with one of the latest published in 2014 by Joiner, et. al. They used dual-phase gel made up of calcium and phosphate, which were able to successfully re-harden tooth enamel. [6]

What’s most fascinating about the remineralization process is that it further drives back the old “law” of dentistry – which is that it is still widely believed that it is “not possible” for decayed teeth to regrow. The commonly held paradigm was that tooth decay is “permanent” – and that the only viable option is to drill out the decayed area and then fill it with material such as amalgam (uses mercury, the old metallic fillings) or the more modern white composite resins.

We’ve actually reported on this before in our article about whether it is possible to heal cavities using the old technique of oil pulling. In that article, we asked the “obvious” question – why is it that our teeth are the only bones in the body that are not capable of regrowing?

Doesn’t it strike anyone as strange, from an evolutionary standpoint, that this might be so? Can it really be that our teeth were not designed to last a lifetime, but the rest of our bodies were?

Is Tooth Decay A Modern Disease?

Here’s where the story gets super interesting: There are some indigenous tribes that do not experience tooth decay in the same way that we do. This idea was fully explored by Dr. Weston A. Price in his astonishing and scholarly Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. He drew on the work of numerous previous anthropologists/fossil records and noted (for example):

“Dryer, in discussing dental caries in the pre-historic South Africans, makes this comment: “In not one of a very large collection of teeth from skulls obtained in the Matjes River Shelter (Holocene) was there the slightest sign of dental caries. The indication from this area, therefore, bears out the experience of European anthropologists that caries is a comparatively modern disease and that no skull showing this condition can be regarded as ancient“.

Other explorers of remote regions have noted the same phenomenon. Alan Ereira, after visiting the Kogi Indians, stated (to me personally) that the Kogi and their horses had perfect teeth.

Price explained that the problem is one of malnutrition.

My conclusion on this is a little controversial: Agriculture itself is what has caused tooth decay. It makes sense – despite being outside of what is taught in the mainstream agricultural education (which is sponsored by the chemical industry): Indigenous tribes eat food that has been produced in a “climax” ecosystem where everything is at its most “alive”. They are eating the footed that we were evolutionarily designed to eat! Importantly, the soil organisms – the ones that chelate the minerals from the rocks and make them bioavailable – are living at “full power”.

Agricultural methods – especially modern ones using chemical fertilizers and pesticides – “kill” the soil. They kill all the soil organisms and the mineral content of the food declines correspondingly. By continual use of the same patch of soil, the minerals are rapidly depleted (much work has been done to demonstrate the huge loss of soil minerals since the age of intensive agriculture).

It’s going to be an enormous challenge to reverse the centuries of agricultural malpractice that has led us to our current state. But we try. And in the meantime, it looks as though the new remineralization techniques will be the way forward.

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