20 Ways To Boost Circulation

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20 Ways To Boost Circulation
20 Ways To Boost Circulation. Graphic © herbshealthhappiness.com. Lemon photo © AdobeStock 45848537 (under license)

Circulation is a term used to refer to the flow of blood (and lymph fluid) through the human body. The blood transports nutrients, oxygen and hormones to cells and removes carbon dioxide. The circulatory system also maintains body temperature and pH – and as many people know, one of the most obvious symptoms of poor circulation is a difficulty in keeping warm in winter. However, as can be seen, a good circulation plays a vital role in maintaining health and vitality on many levels.

We’ve discovered a great page that lists 20 ways to improve circulation. Some of these were a surprise to me: For example, dry skin brushing. It turns out that this technique opens the pores and stimulates the circulation. I did not know that skin brushing was considered a detox technique, though I have seen it suggested in alternative cancer treatments. It is reported (and makes sense) that skin brushing removes dead skin, including cells that are blocking pores, and thus assists the body to eliminate toxins through the skin.

My next thought was “What kind of brush should be used?” – as this was not mentioned in the original article. Doing a little research, I read that it should be a brush with natural bristles, not synthetic, and the brush should be kept dry and used only for the skin brushing. A couple more tips I read are a) the best time to perform the skin brushing is before a bath or shower. b) the brush should pass over every part of the body once when you are a beginner, and you can gradually increase the number of strokes per session (but the face should not be brushed). c) If you are reddening the skin, you are brushing too hard d) Brush towards the heart.

I was astonished to read that “people may find large amounts of lymph mucoid in their stools a day or two after beginning skin brushing. This is the emptying out of the backlog of mucoid from the lymphatic system and is the effect of detoxifying the lymph system.” [1] Astonishing! Really? Who would have thought that skin brushing could cause such significant changes in the body. My next logical question: Can one achieve similar benefits through full-body massage? Can anyone chime in on this?

I am fascinated to try this now as some sources are stating that it can cause a real health improvement.

Alright, that’s one out of the twenty, with a few added tips. Here is the link to the full list of 20 ways to boost circulation:


BONUS: We have a page called 10 Herbs For Circulation that lists numerous additional herbs. Also, another item that wasn’t mentioned by the OP – Green tea. Many sources state that green tea can benefit circulation.

So now you have almost 30 methods for improving circulation. Here’s to being a powerhouse of vitality! 🙂

Note – of course, please be aware that this page (as with the rest of this site) is not medical advice. If you have serious circulation issues it could be an indicator of cardiovascular disease. Please consult a medical professional if you have significant symptoms or serious concerns.

Do you have any other tips to share with our readers on boosting circulation? Please let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “20 Ways To Boost Circulation

  1. This is a standard practice when trying to improve healing and circulation to anything , used in pt care while bathing to not only clean, but to promote healing and relaxation of the person. Each individual is different but worth taking the time to be done right. The power of touch is an amazing thing !

  2. This is fascinating. I have really bad edema, and have been taking meds which I hated, they made me nauseaous and gave me heartburn,and I didnt understand why I had some of them, as they seemed to be for duodenal ulcers and heart disease. I suppose there may be a connection. They did clear the edema,but the thought of being on them for life wasnt good. So I stopped taking them, and yes the edema is back! I am trying to find natural methods, and one thing I have been doing is rubbing my legs, and I found it does help, so to learn about body rubbing is really helpful, thank you so much. I will definitely be trying it. But I cant find the herbal stuff? :((

  3. OK, I found them, wasnt looking in the right place. Thanks. Funnily enough, I do some of them,and others I used to take ass vit supplement wgile I was living in Britain,. As I cant get them/ afford them here I stopped taking them, You know what I never had edema in Britain, only now! Says something doesnt it? So next stop mail otder vit suppliers! Back on the Ginko, the Omega 3 and the evening primrose and ginseng! Garlic I am eating loads of, cayenne, or pimenton as it is called here, doses a lot of my meals. I really must acquuire a taste for Green Tea and lemons should be easy. Wish me luck!

  4. I have found the information contained here very useful & would appreciate updates on my e mail.Thanks.

  5. Dry brushing is something we have practised in Nothern Europe for many years! this and frequent use of sauna followed by cold showers or winther bathing is A real super boost for your blood circulation! I have seen many positive outcomes in A large variety of conditions by this practise!

  6. Yes Full body theraputic deep tissue message if performed right is a tremenduos help to your imune system

  7. ANY HELP FOR FOOT, ANKLE AND LOWER LEG EDEMA. It started about 2-3 years ago shortly after knee surgery. Doctor seems to think it’s from varicose veins but I hardly have any and they’re small. I,m almost 70 years old and have never had this problem and neither does anyone in my family…

  8. Wonderful coverage of the topic. I teach yoga, nutrition and healing therapies… don’t forget pranayama breathing on its own… Hydrotherapy with hot and cold alternating dunks of lower legs, not just in a shower, is great. Use of an inversion table is helpful for varicose veins, as are inverted yoga poses. Green smoothies help circulation also. Don’t forget to use hydration electrolyte salts before after FAR INFRARED SAUNAS. I have used one for years; they are great. Castor oil packs stimulate circulation and promote healing, as do spinal flush massages (stimulate neuro-lymphatic points along the vertebral fossa).

  9. It’s always been so very nice to know about the natural ways of getting good blood circulation. Blood circulation will help us in keeping us away from a lot more health disorders.Nice to see this post.But will green tea have that much effect in increasing the blood circulation??? I believe that it works only when taken in a large quantity. Will you will clarify this to me??

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