Juice Remedies Chart

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Juice Remedies Chart Newgraphic © herbs-info.com

Here’s a super-useful chart of juice combos that you can try for support of various conditions! There are some interesting (and delicious) combos here. Pin, bookmark, save or print out to keep the chart handy. 🙂

There is also some interesting science “under the hood”: For example, did you know that grapefruit contains tryptophan, a natural “building block” (precursor) that the body uses to make serotonin? So if you are low in serotonin, which can cause depression (especially in winter), grapefruit might help!

Another thing that might be of interest to you would be to consider herbs that are also regarded as valuable for the conditions listed. We have a giant list of these herbal remedies at https://www.herbs-info.com/herbal-remedies.html You may find however that some of the herbs would be better taken separately as they will not necessarily combine well with the juices, flavor-wise!

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