6 Superb Morning Rituals To Improve Metabolism

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THIS is a morning routine worth considering! We’ve pulled together our best tips and morning rituals to have you boosting your metabolism and keeping it in gear all day long. One thing to note – start introducing these things gradually so as to best observe the difference each makes. If you change everything all at once, you won’t be as clear on what is doing what.

1. Bouncing For Five Minutes

Ahh, I remember when I was a kid and just wanted to bounce on anything. Sofas, Mom and Dad’s bed (got in big trouble!), bouncy castles, trampolines (more dangerous than they look!)… anything that could be bounced on was fair game. It’s fair to ay that we pretty much craved bouncing.

Why is it that kids want to bounce? Well it turns out that they aren’t so crazy after all and this instinct might actually be spot on – because bouncing has amazing health benefits. First, the exercise gets circulation and heart rate going. But perhaps even more importantly, it helps the lymphatic system immensely. The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump in the same way that the circulatory system has the heart – and so it relies on movement to circulate its fluid. Bouncing is also reported to assist the thyroid and burn off calories.

Ways to bounce – you can either put some music on and bounce to it, jump with a skipping rope, use one of those mini-trampolines (aka rebounders) that are designed specifically for this form of exercise… or what about some of these amazing low-impact jumping boots?

2. Lemon Water

Now highly regarded as a peerless health remedy, this is one awesome habit to incorporate into your morning routine. Simply take a fresh, organic lemon, cut off a chunk (about a quarter of the lemon will be great) and squeeze it into your water.

Many people use warm water. You could also use sparkling water. I’d suggest filtered water rather than bottled or tap – and one of these state of the art carbon block filters is a worthwhile investment. You can also add raw honey, ginger and/or cinnamon (must be real cinnamon not fake!) for extra health benefits.

Note – lemon tea or those bottled lemon juices that people keep in the kitchen as a substitute for the real thing – these will almost certainly not have the same health benefits. Get the real thing.

Go here for a detailed rundown of the health benefits of lemon water.

3. Two Eggs, Any Style

Eggs contain a good amount of protein that can keep you going for a good time and get your metabolism up. They are one of the top breakfast choices for a good reason. Note – don’t get rid of the yolk, this is the most nutritious part.

Consider using coconut oil to cook them in; also you can add spinach, garlic, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado and more to your scramble.

4. Stretching

Whether it’s yoga or another discipline, a good routine of stretching, combined with deep breathing, can be the perfect way to get your metabolism going first thing in the day. Early morning is considered to be the optimum time for deep breathing. Air pollution is lower and the refreshing prana or vital force in the air is regarded to be at its highest point at dawn.

5. Green Tea

Green tea, brewed plain with no creamer or sweeteners, is one of the most perfect drinks for a healthy lifestyle. It provides a boost to the metabolism which is “smoother” than that of coffee and doesn’t have the same crash. Also, it doesn’t have the calories of typical caffeinated beverages (nor the artificial additives) – so the metabolic increase will help you burn calories! Just switching out sweetened beverages for green tea can have a profound effect for slimming. You can add lemon for taste.

6. Lifting Weights Or Bodyweight Training

Muscle-building exercise is a perfect way to fire up your metabolism – and as it turns out, the morning is considered one of the best times to lift. Lifting kicks the body into fat-burning mode as opposed to fat-storing mode. Another option is to use bodyweight training exercises such as the “big six” calisthenic exercises – push ups, straight leg raises, pull ups, bridges, handstands, squats. For an awesome tutorial on how to do these exercises effectively that isn’t as intimidating as it sounds, check out this amazing book: Convict Conditioning – The Lost Secrets Of Supreme Survival Strength

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