Top 15 Herbal Antibiotics

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Top 15 Herbal Antibiotics
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There has been great concern in recent times over antibiotic-resistant bacteria – and it’s hardly suprising: The use of antibiotics causes bacteria strains to evolve – and if you think about it, it seems like simple evolution of species at work. Let’s say the antibiotic wipes out most of the bacteria but not all. The ones that remain are those which have the strongest resistance – and these go on to multiply, creating a gradually stronger colony. Replicate this process several times and you have a bacteria that all of a sudden cannot be killed by the antibiotics – and you have a problem… MRSA and other “superbugs” are a very serious problem.

Did you know that hospitals in Australia use eucalyptus essential oil as a disinfectant owing to its efficacy against MRSA? Think about this for a second: Have you ever wondered why essential oils, which have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, are still able to function as antibiotics? Why is it that they have not lost their efficacy, whereas human-made antibiotics do so very quickly? Isn’t this incredibly curious?

We found a brilliant page about herbal antibiotics that not only lists 15 of the best antibiotic herbs, but also gives a very plausible explanation of this phenomenon – that makes total sense: An essential oil is made up of hundreds of different molecules in varying proportions – and it is likely that several of the molecular components have antibiotic action. In other words, it is far easier for bacteria to adapt to an isolated, single compound than it is to a whole plant extract.

This kind of makes me want to bang my fist on the table. Herbalism has been all-but abolished by mainstream medicine, and yet once properly explained, it clearly makes far more sense than the kind of medicine that is about isolating individual molecular components (and patenting them for a profit.) Humans are for the most part afraid of nature – and that’s a problem if you ask me.

Anyway, I will leave you with the excellent tutorial from Common Sense Home:

One last thing – they missed out Oregano – an amazing antibiotic herb which I use regularly.

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16 thoughts on “Top 15 Herbal Antibiotics

  1. I am really happy to find this sit and thank you for information
    I prefer use natural medicine instead of chemical

  2. I love herbs grow in my garden , 18 different use them for oils, natural cures and everyday use to keep healthy … thanks for your information …

  3. I’ve been making oregano tea (from store bought dried oregano) for my husband who has been battling sinus infection for over 3 years. He’s been drinking it pretty much twice a day for the last two or three months now. Can’t really tell that it’s making any difference but we’re keeping at it for now…maybe I need to use fresh oregano for the tea?

  4. Well, most of the drugs are made from plants and they cost a lot of money.
    If only people had the knowledge of our ancestors.
    They cured almost all illnesses with herbs.

  5. Hey ladies and gents im a bit confused after i had my 4th so in april i got extreamly sick due to me almost loosin my life after birth so i caught a very bad cold where it lasted 4 months almost because my immune was very very low and being in hospital for 15 days i wanted to go o the store so i walked in the rain and caught a cold now my senses are messed up i smell certain things wierd smoke beans tuna even piss lol poop ext mmy dr wont give me antibiotics so does nayone know herbs i can use for this driving me nutts!!!!!!

  6. Without garlic (raw applied topically when needed) I wouldn’t have a tooth left in my head.

  7. I have suffered from chronic MRSA Sinus infections for years; almost every October and March with the season changes. I am an elementary music teacher and am exposed to hundreds of K-5 students per week, often touching instruments and passing them around. I got tired of taking 4-6 weeks of minocycline every time, causing me to have a dull nausea the entire time. Now, I take wild organic oregano, astragalus, garlic, panax ginseng, plus megadoses of vitamin C and my other vitamins. I also do a colloidal silver sinus wash and an occasional raw fresh ginger juice shot. This protocol takes the infection out in 4-5 days and it stays gone the entire season. Thanks for your post!

  8. Lynne try using oregano oil not the dried as that is not strong enough. Tea from oregano oil will help your husband’s sinus fairly quickly.

  9. I have used Oregano oil for quite a while now. I use it instead of those awful antibiotics, because I am just allergic to them. ALL of them! Oregano oil REALLY works!

  10. I read many of you commenting on oregano oil. It is a wonderful herb to use for health. However, make sure you do your research. If using regularly you must replenish your good bacteria with probiotics.

  11. Word of precaution ,Ayurved tells some interesting advice, do not eat these medications year long!! Especially take break from their consumption, in rainy season(in western hemisphere may be in stormy season) Exactly may be(my guess )for the same reason. In rainy,cloudy season microbial growth is rampant and they learn quickly! Even Ayurved advices not to take anti heleminthecide on cloudy day!!

  12. Find this herbs : “habbatus sauda” or “nigella sativa” that is well known as the black seed ^^ google it… this herbs is good for increasing our immune… try it ^^ if find this herbs in oil dosage form you may take it at least 2 spoon every morning and night before you sleep everyday… it taste might be weird but it’s good… the best one of nigella sativa oil is cool pressed oil… because it wont loose its good… its like pure one ^^

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