10 Things You Can Do For Trash Free Seas

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10 Things You Can Do For Trash Free Seas
Graphic: © herbs-info.com. Image source – Pixabay (PD).

Over 8 million tons of plastic trash is deposited in our oceans every year. [1] But this is not just from trash “thrown into the ocean”. Once trash finds its way into streams and rivers, perhaps washed there after a storm, it very often finds its way down to the sea. If this trend continues, the plastic waste could be equivalent to 33% of all fish mass in a few years. To curb this terrible, civilization-endangering trend, every one needs to take proactive action against trash:

1. Can It: Dispose of your garbage properly by throwing it in bins that have lids. This prevents lightweight plastics from being blown away.

2. Avoid Bottled Water: Plastic bottles are one of the main trashes in the oceans. Rather than create demand by buying bottled water, drink tap water.

3. Stow It: In line with Ocean Conservancy’s Good Mate Program, practice sustainable boating practices while out on the sea.

4. Request Change: Actively push your legislators to enforce healthy, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable policies.

5. Remove It: Join beach clean-up initiatives to help raise awareness on the impact of plastic pollution.

6. Butt Out: Cigarette filters are the most abundant litter in the oceans. Practice proper disposal habits by using an ashtray, rather than flinging the butt haphazardly.

7. Recycle It: Sort and recycle plastics to minimize the number of items that are dumped in landfills and oceans. This reduces pollution and helps save natural resources.

8. Reuse It: Just like recycling, reusing products saves on energy and fosters a culture of prioritizing durable items over single-use products.

9. Refuse It: Consumers don’t realize that they hold the real power. By reducing the amount of plastic we buy, we can dissuade companies from manufacturing the products.

10. Reinvent It: Advocate for the creation of ocean-friendly materials that have minimal adverse effects on the environment. This includes shunning the reliance on fossil fuels.

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10 Things You Can Do For Trash Free Seas
Graphic ©herbs-info.com. Image source – Pixabay (PD).

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