13 Reasons To Own A Cast Iron Skillet

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13 Reasons To Own A Cast Iron Skillet
Graphic: © herbs-info.com. Image source – Wikipedia (PD)

1. Used for Thousands of Years: A handy tool not only in the kitchen, the cast iron skillet should be in every household. This simple yet useful appliance has been used in some shape or form for thousands of years. This is a testament to its durability – where some are inherited for many generations.

2. No Toxic Fumes when Cooking: Cast irons are basically chemical-free so they do not emit any “harmful” chemicals when heated. This is not the case with non-stick pans – and they thus offer a great and healthier alternative.

3. Can Take High Heat: Cast iron skillets can easily be used in high heat with no worry about any damage – they are that durable.

4. Cleans Up Easy: What would be seen as many as the best reason to own one is the ease of cleaning. Food just comes right off the pan. It does not even require soap! No rigorous scrubbing needed here.

5. Non-Stick: The make-up of cast iron skillets gives them a nice sheen and makes them naturally non-stick without needing any industrial modifications. This means an easier time when cooking, cleaning, and that you can cook with significantly less oil.

6. Inexpensive: When compared to stainless steel, cast iron is less expensive. Also, their durability means that picking up one that’s second hand will probably be the same as picking up a new one!

7. Browns Food Beautifully: A main part of cooking is the experience and presentation, and cast iron makes it easier to have good outcomes in both. It browns beautifully and allows you to enjoy time in the kitchen.

8. Better Heat Distribution: Cast irons have great for thermal conductivity and therefore, every bit of food on the pan gets cooked evenly.

9. Usable as a Grill: Cast irons are highly adaptable in their use. They can be used for frying, steaming, and even grilling.

10. Usable over a Campfire: They are efficient even over a campfire. They truly are the Swiss army knife of kitchenware.

11. Cook Multiple Items at Once: With their many great properties, cast iron skillets can be used to cook multiple food items at a go – as long as those foods can be cooked together.

12. Boost Your Iron Intake: Which other cookware keeps you healthy? Cooking with cast iron can add up to 20 times your iron intake, which is great for the iron-deficient.

13. Self-Defense: You have all seen the power of the mighty cast iron skillet in popular films – and they are great for self-defense!

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13 Reasons To Own A Cast Iron Skillet
Graphic ©herbs-info.com. Image source – Wikipedia (PD)

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