4 Herbs That Relieve Joint Pain

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4 Herbs That Relieve Joint Pain
4 Herbs That Relieve Joint Pain. Image – Naturehacks.com (with permission)

Here’s a nice simple post we just found which lists 4 herbs which are reported useful for joint pain, together with a description of the benefits of each.

Joint pain is typically caused by inflammation, which may be a result of numerous causes from colds / fever through to injury. Another possible cause may be rheumatoid arthritis – which is reported to be caused by an overactive immune response.

The classic signs of inflammation are pain, heat, swelling, redness and loss / difficulty of mobility.

You will find that some of these herbs are not “instant fixes” – for example with Ginger, it is suggested to incorporate some fresh ginger into your daily diet and to be observant for any overall improvements after a few weeks.

Ok, here is the link to the original list of 4 herbs for joint pain: https://naturehacks.com/natural-remedies/4-herbs-that-relieve-joint-pain

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15 thoughts on “4 Herbs That Relieve Joint Pain

  1. If you have knee joint looking like the one in the picture see a doctor! I have seen a person die with something similar because they wanted to treat it naturally and ended up septic and too far gone to for the antibiotics to take hold…

  2. Angela…I believe the photo of the knee was doctored (pardon the pun) to appear excessively red. Yes, if truly that red, allopathic medical intervention would be indicated.

  3. OMG,the picture is using red coloring to show people where your knee joints are and that it’s INSIDE the skin,not the outside cause believe it or not,there are still some people out there that don’t know what a knee joint is,so in the picture it’s just showing you where your knee joints are.

  4. Most of the books that are linked to home gardening for herbs etc are only available in USA and Canada. I live in India and am most interested so can these books be made available to me too of course on payment in Indian currency or as you wish. Thanks

  5. Why is it you constantly send people to another page? I click on the link and my virus protection has a fit because the page you send us to has been identified as dangerous.

  6. A lot of the old remedies are good and helpful and will cure you. But in some cases one needs to see a doctor. I use a lot of the old remedies but I have enough sense to know when to go to the doctor. You have to use your own judgement and know when you should go to the doctor. My doctor has even recommended an old remedy for a certain simple thing or two. There are lots of good books out there that tells which Herbs are good for what.

  7. Aloe plants are one of the best for healing burns, sores etc. It is better than an over the counter medicine.

  8. Cure for diabetes: Cut of the ends of a few okra pieces, rinse and place ub glass of water overnight. It will be thick like aloe juice. Drink and the diabetes is supposed to be cured. I did it once and also gave to my diabetic cat. I feel it helped and want to do it again but cannot find okra anywhere now. It must be out of season.

  9. I would like to share my experience on both my legs where I had some form of pain that really hurts. This has been days where I try anything but not much effect.
    After patching Power strips for a couple of hours, the pain was reduce and I can walk normally. Thumb up Power Strips. I’m in love with this products.

  10. Diet and herbal treatments works wonderfully for treating joint pains.They can be used in addition to medications to support healing, and they also help in getting good sleep.

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