How To Make A Homemade Herbal Decongestant

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How To Make A Homemade Herbal Decongestant
How To Make A Homemade Herbal Decongestant. Image – (with permission)

This homemade decongestant is reported to be great for breaking up chest congestion so you can clear it out. Anyone old enough to eat honey can take it (in other words – it’s not for infants).

The formula uses all herbal and natural ingredients – and it should have a little bit of a kick to it, as it includes raw garlic, onion, radishes, lemon juice and honey.

Looking at these awesome ingredients, you should find that it is not only decongestant but also powerfully antibiotic – and a kind of cleansing formula to boot. Most of these ingredients (plus a few others) also appear on my page of Top 10 Cold/Flu Remedies.

Because of the onions and garlic, it reminds me somewhat of the turbocharged “master tonic” – only this formula is not made with hot peppers so it should be valuable for people of all constitutions.

I wish we had had this kind of stuff when I was a kid. Instead we got absoulutely horrible penicillin. This was before the days of capsules, and it was a pink, sticky syrup that we had to take by the spoonful.

Ok back to the topic, I don’t want to give anyone bad dreams!

Here is the link to the full tutorial:

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9 thoughts on “How To Make A Homemade Herbal Decongestant

  1. I am just getting interested in herbal medicine. I would like to know more about your website and am particularly interested in the herbal decongestant. My great grandmother made a lot of medication from the woods in back of the house, but through the years, they have just evaporated with everything else. But I do believe in them. People think I am crazy when I say my grandmother kept kerosene to dip my hand in when I got a cut, or that Daddy chewed up tobacco to put on my bee stings.My mother made a very good cough syrup out of honey & alum, but I don’t remember what else she put in it.

  2. Hi
    I’m very much interested in herbal medicine as I want to stay away from prescription drugs.
    thank you

  3. I have had a deviated septum causing nasal congestion for 25 years. I have been using Oltravin(nasal liquid deconjestions) for 25 years when my homeopath heard this he said you have done lots of damage to you nasal cavities and brain, also burning to your nasal area, then he said I strongly suggest something natural or homeopathic so I welcome any suggestions, thank you

  4. I have high blood pressure and am on medication. Now if you have ever been on any HBP meds you know you can no longer take a decongestant because it raises your BP. Do you know if this is safe to take with HBP? I don’t see anything like salt in it that would be bad but thought I might ask if you might know whether or not it would be harmful. Thanks

  5. I made this and used it at the onset of a pretty bad cold. I’m not usually one to get sick, but someone coughed right in front of me and that evening, I had that tickle in my throat – I just knew. So, yes, I had all these ingred’s on hand and did just as suggested. Within 10 minutes of the first dose – it was working. My nose was runny. On day 2 the cold had moved down into the chest and I was coughing. I continued dosing and it kept everything loose. Mind you I was also increasing fluids and taking a blend of herbal antivirals as well as vit. C. I am positive that this helped me get over my cold at least a week ahead of schedue with no lingering cough that some folks seem to be burdened by. Thanks for sharing this awesome brew. [btw – gets stronger with age… so make small batches]

  6. I love this. Have done raw honey and elderberry syrup during cold seasons.

    Question- what does the radishes do? And regular white onions?

    Thank you so much.

  7. I found out today they took over the counter cough and cold medicines for children under 12 off the selves. What alternative is good for younger children with cough and runny nose?

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