19 Homemade Headache Remedies

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19 Homemade Headache Remedies
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I just found another great list of homemade headache remedies and had to share!

The interest in this subject has risen greatly of late – especially in the light of a recent article by the BBC which reported that overuse of painkillers may actually be causing headaches for numerous people. [1] All of a sudden, natural alternatives become even more important. When choosing a cure, it is essential to find one that does not harm you!

One of the great things about this list of natural headache cures is that the remedies are of various types – for example, there are some herbs and essential oils listed, but also methods such as acupressure massage which require no purchases of anything!

One of the acupressure points listed is on the foot – between the first and second toes. The other involves pressing on the cheekbone from the inside in a certain way. That’s pretty interesting as it must be doing something to change the pressures within the skull. Another method that I know of, which isn’t included in the original list, is to pinch deep into the muscle in between the thumb and index finger using the thumb and index finger of the other hand, using a firm but bearable amount of pressure.

One of my favorite natural headache remedies is a simple one – drink more water! Dehydration is one of the most common causes of headaches. Another thing that many people don’t realize about dehydration is that it causes sudden irritability. I know about this – I used to work as a live sound engineer and we did numerous events in the deserts of California and Nevada. If someone was acting moody, our instant reaction was to get them to drink some water first. Try it. 🙂

Here, then, is the link to the full list of 19 Headache Remedies:


PS we have a few more pages on headache / migraine herbs and remedies if you are interested in more:


https://herbshealthhappiness.com/18-natural-remedies-for-headaches (a different article, some different remedies!)



[1] Gallagher, J. Sept 19, 2012. Painkillers ‘are the cause’ of millions of headaches. https://bbc.com/news/health-19622016

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8 thoughts on “19 Homemade Headache Remedies

  1. Most of my headaches are due to sinus-based allergies (to dust, mould spores and industrial and traffic pollution). Mostly arrives with an easterly air-flow (i.e. NE through to SE), where I live, and low cloud-cover. I don’t know why, but a little bergamot oil up my nose seems to help.

  2. I am assuming you get many emails & questions but I’m hoping that you will take a few moments & help me out by answering mine. I need some guidance. I have been very interested in trying a more natural approach to many of my health issues, headaches/migraines being one of the top problems I have, as well as being one of the problems my middle & youngest son have (not to mention, my mom, brothers, my oldest son etc)

    I was a nurse for 25 yrs so I can tell you medicinally what the approach & reasons for those approaches for were up to 3-4 yrs ago when I had to quit working due to becoming disabled. One of the reasons, of many, was & is, is daily headaches/migraines, that I take Topamax for, prophylactically. It has helped, amazingly, but I still get breakthrough,. disabling headaches & I would like to not get them @ all, which is asking a lot, I know, but at the very least but it would be nice if they could not be so disabling when I get them, since I get them 2-3x’s/wk.

    My middle son is 20 & my youngest is 8. My middle son is TJ. He started getting migraines when he was 8. Some of his triggers were being tired, his allergies, being hungry, getting hot, getting into the hot car when I picked him up for school so I had to make sure it was appropriately air conditioned.if he told me as soon as it started & I had Excedrin Migraine available, which I quickly learned to try to do on all occasions, then we had a pretty good chance of warding off the headache before it got to bad. If his teacher was a substitute, or thought he was trying to get out of something or for whatever reason made him wait or if he didn’t tell me immediately, his head would get terribly bad, he would start vomiting, crying, he’d get in a hot shower & stand there for a long time with the water beating on him. He said that was the only thing that made him feel better. Sometimes he’d be in the shower all night. He also had a severe case of eczema & was ADHD & I think he wouldn’t tell me because he was tired of being different.

    His doctor never put him on anything prophylactic ally & I never until now thought to to question her about it because I trusted her so implicitly. Maybe it was because he was already on so much medicine or it wouldn’t mix with what he was on.

    My youngest son just turned 9 & he has been getting what we think are migraines the last couple of months. So far, Tylenol or Ibuprofen are working if we get it in right @ the beginning. I’m having problems both with him telling his teachers & them letting him go get the medicine I’ve e

  3. I realize you probably get a whole lot of emails but I need some guidance on this before I can give my 8 y/o anything. I have some issues that have started with his older brother who is 20 y/o & I’ll be glad to explain if you contact me..

    I need some guidance please for him & actually for me as well.

    Thank you,

  4. I’ll try, everyone in my family have headaches and is better by natural ways, the meds can make it worse

  5. Erin May,
    Look into an elimination diet to see if wheat, sugars or dairy may be contributing to the headaches. Your doctor, naturopath or nutritionist should be able to help with yourself and kids. There is also a ton of information online or at your local library. My big trigger is wheat. Cranial Sacral therapy was also a big help for me. 4 years ago I spent an average of 4 days per week with some form of migraine… I now average one headache every 6-8 weeks. The headaches I get are much less severe and much more responsive to treatment. Best of luck in discovering and eliminating the triggers for your family. It’s amazing how much energy goes to just coping…

  6. I started having severe headaches after hitting my head. Found out I have Chiari Malformation, something you are born with. I’ve been everywhere, so many different medicines. Finally I’ve had Botox injections in my head. Which Insurance will pay for. What a difference! I still have some bad headaches when a storm comes thru, but not as bad! A MRI can find the Chiari Malformation. There are a lot of people walking around with it and never know it. I was perfectly healthy before I hit my head. Just something to ask your Dr.

  7. I have made significant changes in getting toxins & harsh chemicals out of my home eat clean as much as possible. It makes a huge difference in keeping headaches &eczema at bay. It also helps knowing that I am reducing the chemicals that my family is exposed to &reduces our risk of cancer and other diseases.

  8. I tried the pressure between the thumb and index finger. It actually worked!!!! Thanks for posting….

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