How To Make An Amazing Home Herbal Remedy Kit

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How To Make An Amazing Home Herbal Remedy Kit. Image – (with permission)

We think this is a super “natural / herbal remedy first aid kit” and had to share it with you! The link is at the foot of the article, after our commentary.

There are occasions when medical attention is necessary, however for “lesser” or non-life-threatening complaints, people often prefer a simple remedy and like to know what their options are. These are some of the reasons that people might choose their own herbal home remedies:

1. They don’t trust the possibilities of side effects or toxicity from chemical / pharmaceutical medicines – possibly because they have read the scary reports of 100,000+ confirmed deaths from side effects of pharmaceuticals per year. [1]

2. A general intuition that herbal medicine may be kinder to the human body. Here’s something to consider: Natural remedies typically come from plants, alongside which we have evolved for hundreds of thousands of years. It could thus be said that our bodies are in general very well adapted to plants – and “modern” chemicals are such a recent introduction that we have not had the chance to evolve to deal with them. In very many cases, the effects of herbs have been studied for thousands of years and we have much knowledge of their effects. On the other hand, in most cases, no-one can be sure what the true long term effects of a “new” chemical will be – as testing is typically done on a short time scale, a few years at most. For example, in the 1980’s my mother was prescribed Equagesic – which has now been discontinued in the USA owing to toxicity concerns. How would you feel if, ten years after taking a chemical medicine, you found out that it was now banned owing to risks to health that took several years to come to light? It could be said that you are taking that risk every time you take something that has only just been invented.

3. To save money / time / travel. There are times when a visit to the ER is of course the wise choice, but it can be extraordinarily expensive in countries like the USA. People like to have something “on hand” for lesser complaints – especially if they are some distance from a doctor or hospital. And many home or herbal remedies are extremely cost effective. Some would also prefer not to be near other sick people when possible. It’s also known that nasties like MRSA can lurk in hospitals and some simply prefer not to risk it.

4. There is a growing body of actual scientific evidence that many of the ancient herbal remedies may in fact work very well. The quickest way to do your own background research is to go to and enter the name of the herb in the search box. Pubmed is a collection of medical research journals and lists a huge number of scientific papers. It is my “go to” source and my main “desk reference” when gathering the info for this site. If researching from medical papers, there is some skill involved in understanding the “lingo” – for example the meaning and implication of terms such as peer review, in vitro, in vivo and placebo controlled trial are important to understand. Armed with Pubmed, Wikipedia and a determination to learn, it’s amazing what you can discover.

Here’s the link to the full description of the Natural First Aid & Illness Kit

Note – as per usual, this post is not medical advice nor a substitute for medical consultation / treatment, nor a recommendation to self medicate. Please do not hesitate to seek medical attention if it is needed.

Note 2 – the list of herbal remedies in the kit includes hydrogen peroxide – yet the dilution (an important detail) is not mentioned. I found it buried deep in the comments – 3%.

Note 3 – if using baking soda for remedies, be sure to use the kind that is aluminum-free!


[1] Perdomo, D. June 24, 2010. 100,000 Americans Die Each Year from Prescription Drugs, While Pharma Companies Get Rich.,000_americans_die_each_year_from_prescription_drugs,_while_pharma…/

Note – as always, this post is not medical advice nor a recommendation to self-medicate. Please seek medical attention if it is needed!

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  1. Thanks for the awesome link. You have some great information here, but FYI, it is baking powder, not baking soda that sometimes has aluminum.

  2. Hello,I have anxiety attacks and ulsers,what would be the best thing herbal for me to take? I also have bad nerves and acid reflux.Lorraine Bailey

  3. Use Rescue Remedy in spray or drops from the health store… fabulous alternative for anxiety attacks or insect bites!

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