How to Make Chemical-Free Shaving Cream

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How to Make Chemical-Free Shaving Cream
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An all-natural shaving cream is something that I have wanted for a long time, and finally found a recipe! I haven’t used ordinary shaving cream for about 15 years because I want what’s best for my skin – and I don’t trust what’s in regular shaving creams… such as chemical-based perfume ingredients and who knows what other additives. But of course it’s not ideal to go without, although I have done so many times.

This formula is ultra-simple, should be silky-soft and nourishing to your skin! It calls for natural oils and butters, and a few optional extras such as essential oils, a little baking soda and vitamin E. You’ll save some money by the looks of things also – especially if you buy the main ingredients in bulk…. something that you will probably end up doing if you are keen to make a lot of the natural formulas that we post. 😉

The basic formula is suitable for either men or women; though you may of course want to vary the essential oils according to suit your personal preference!

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you must be seeing a pattern emerging by now: It’s possible to replace most if not all of the chemical-based products around the home with simple, natural formulas! The healthy “chemical-free life” is a real possibility. It’s interesting to note that in some ways we are truly “going back to our roots” and rediscovering that the things that were used generations ago may in some ways be better than modern concoctions.

To discover more formulas that make use of a certain ingredient, you can simply use the search box (far right) to get some ideas from the other things we have posted. Here’s an example search result for coconut oil:

Ok, here is the link to the full natural shaving cream tutorial:

😳 What Tinnitus Does To Your Brain Cells (And How To Stop It)

After 47 years of studies and countless brain scans done on more than 2,400 tinnitus patients, scientists at the MIT Institute found that in a shocking 96% of cases, tinnitus was actually shrinking their brain cells.

As it turns out, tinnitus and brain health are strongly linked.

Even more interesting: The reason why top army officials are not deaf after decades of hearing machine guns, bombs going off and helicopter noises…

Is because they are using something called "the wire method", a simple protocol inspired by a classified surgery on deaf people from the 1950s...

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The #1 Muscle That Eliminates Joint And Back Pain, Anxiety And Looking Fat

By Mike Westerdal CPT

Can you guess which muscle in your body is the #1 muscle that eliminates joint and back pain, anxiety and looking fat?

This is especially important if you spend a significant amount of time sitting every day (I do, and this really affects me in a big way!)

Working this "hidden survival muscle" that most people are simply not training because no-one ever taught them how will boost your body shape, energy levels, immune system, sexual function, strength and athletic performance when unlocked.

If this "hidden" most powerful primal muscle is healthy, we are healthy.


Is it...

a) Abs

b) Chest

c) Glutes

d) Hip Flexors

Take the quiz above and see if you got the correct answer!

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