How To Make Comfrey Ointment

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How To Make Comfrey Ointment
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Please note – this article is not medical advice nor a substitute for consultation with a qualified physician. If you are injured, be sure to seek expert medical attention.

Comfrey And Its Benefits

Herbs are getting a great deal of attention nowadays. You might be surprised to know that there are actually lots of resources in your backyard that are regarded to possess a wealth of health benefits. Comfrey is just one of them.

Usage Of Comfrey Throughout History

Since time immemorial, comfrey has been widely used in treating a wide range of diseases especially in Europe. In the past, comfrey was known by all kinds of weird and wonderful names – as knitbone, blackwort, Slippery Root, yalluc (Saxon), consolida, bruisewort, consound, Ass Ear, boneset, gum plant. However these old names for herbs very often give strong clues as to the benefits of the herb.

The early Romans and Greeks held boiled comfrey leaves in high regard as being effective for healing broken bones. Knitbone indeed! Through time, people across the globe have claimed tremendous successes with these uses for comfrey, though there is some controversy over its use. Comfrey products were at one point restricted from sale in Australia, though I don’t know what the status of it is now there. Comfrey has also at times been used as a plant fertilizer and treatment for open wounds.

The Health Benefits Of Comfrey

Known for its old name, knitbone, comfrey is best recognized for its ability to enhance healing on fractured bones as well as in treating sprains, bruises and reducing swelling within just a short period of time. Aside from its ability to alleviate pain, comfreys are also helpful in relieving scrapes and cuts.

More than its ability to treat open wounds, this herb is also capable of promoting cardiovascular health and in preventing respiratory disorders. When eaten, it helps in treating hemorrhoids, internal bleeding, intestinal disorders, diarrhea and dysentery.

What Makes Comfrey Effective?

This plant is actually a good source of allantoin which is known to promote new cell regeneration. As a result, open and superficial wounds are easily treated. This powerful herb is also known to contain anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that serve as disinfectants.

Even modern doctors and medics today have recognized the importance of comfrey in treating open wounds. In fact, many pharmaceutical companies are still on quest on finding and developing powerful compounds that are found on comfreys.

Comfrey ointment is easy to make – although you will need fresh comfrey. Comfrey is easy to grow as a garden plant – it is easy to propagate and hardy.

The ointment only uses a few ingredients – fresh comfrey leaves, beeswax and vegetable oil (maybe a nice olive oil?) Here is the link to the full tutorial for making the comfrey ointment:

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