The Top 55 Herbal Remedies For Just About Anything

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The Top 55 Herbal Remedies For Just About Anything
The Top 55 Herbal Remedies For Just About Anything. Graphic © Photo © Shutterstock 1038117010 (under license)

This page that I just discovered is superb and an absolute “must read” for anyone interested in herbal remedies! I had to share – and am sure that this will be a popular post. There are 55 remedies – each one for a different complaint – so the list of ailments covered seems to include everything under the sun! The link is below my commentary.

One thing I really like about the original post is that they have sought to include remedies for which there has been actual scientific research done and some significant conclusions drawn. Their descriptions include summaries of scientific reports and the commentary of eminent persons in the field – although, I have to say, I would have liked to see reference links to the actual studies for that final touch!

Anyway the list of herbs includes many well-known herbal favorites – such as lavender, ginger, gingko, garlic, cranberry, chamomile, evening primrose, St. John’s wort, ginseng, tea and turmeric. There are also a few lesser known herbs including black cohosh and chaste tree.

Here’s something to consider: It is very difficult and expensive to obtain “scientific proof” that a remedy works. Partly for this reason, many of these ancient herbal remedies, despite having been in popular use for centuries or even thousands of years, are considered “unproven”. But would people continue to use a herb for a thousand years for a specific purpose if it didn’t do anything? It just doesn’t seem very likely to me.

Anyway without further ado, here is the amazing list of The 55 Best Herbal Remedies (For Just About Anything)

Please feel free to let us know your opinions on these herbs and any other personal favorites in the comments!

Note – I’m not a doctor. The information presented is not medical advice nor a recommendation to self medicate.

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29 thoughts on “The Top 55 Herbal Remedies For Just About Anything

  1. I am so glad I found this informtion!!! My mother taught me so much when I was a child. Over the Counter meds were unheard of. Thanks for posting.

  2. I think Herbs are definitely the way to go to keep almost anything in your system in check but with that said just because they are herbs doesn’t mean they are always safe. for instance self medicating with St.Johns wort can be harmful if you don’t know what you’re doing .

    1. I’ve hear of people getting results with tea tree essential oil for toenail fungus. Try google “tea tree nail fungus” and see what comes up 🙂

  3. I had a gggggrandmother who was Cherokee and she lived to be 120 years old – she also knew a lot about healing plants/herbs and passed that on down to her full blood daughter and half blood granddaughter. Years and years ago, a son of her gggrandaughter (my grandma) told my dad (who is now going on 93 and still driving) and other family members that she was a “witchdoctor”. Not really, he was just being funny but he did mean that she knew stuff about using plants/herbs for natural remedies to help sick people. Her half blood granddaughter (my great grandma’s mother – and I knew my great grandma very well) would be sought out by the local doctor to go with him when there was a disease outbreak in the area. Sometimes she would be gone from home for two weeks and the family never knew if she would come back alive or die from the disease she was working with (this was in northcentral Arkansas in the late 1800’s but the Cherokee great grandma moved into the area with her Cherokee husband in 1810). Too bad doctors today don’t go seek out those who work with herbs, etc. to help them with their patients…I’d like to use this list to start to learn about herbal rememdies and pass it on to my own granddaughter as a way to honor that grandma long ago. Speaking of essential oils, I have a sister who has gotten into those and she just healed a bad spider bite with them. Took three months but she overcame it without going to a doctor. It was getting worse until she started putting the essential oils on it. She later showed the healing site to a friend of her’s who is a doctor and the friend verified that it was a spider bite (probably brown recluse – she lives in SW Oklahoma).

    1. Thanks for your words Lynne! I agree it’s important that we try to keep this knowledge alive <3

  4. Every since i was a child i have always used natural remedies for everything, and was always called a witch; which did not go over well being a preachers kid………….i am now 35 and still follow the same practies’s..and teach them to my children

  5. To Trudy ferraz
    Dear Trudy make sure that it isn’t yellow nail syndrome. It is a sign of lung trouble,
    I know as I have had it and worked on it with help from health store. Look up what I called it. Just in case.

  6. Thank you so much for this information. I grew up in the Caribbean, in a household where using and taking herbs to maintain health and heal ailments was the norm. Thanks again – keep feeding us this awesome knowledge.

  7. Hi there I really need some help I’ve had a itchy flaky scalp for years, I’ve been to the doctors but it gets worst. Any idea what I can do please and thanks in advance.

  8. OK, I’m sure it’s just me, but where are the 55 remedies? I’ve tried clicking on the picture and have paged up and down for the link. No luck.

    1. Hello, the links are there. Try scrolling down the page as the link to the recipe is at the foot of our commentary.

  9. is there a remedy for women that have birth-masks? (the discolouring of the skin, usually cause through child-birth)

  10. Something you may want to look into is Candida Yeast. Everyone has it to some extent, but if you have an overgrowth of it (usually caused by having taken prescriptions, lots of carbs and sugar consumption, etc.)it can be responsible for many many health issues, including but not limited to: nail fungus, dry flaky skin, skin tags/blemishes/etc, allergies, infections, migraines, pain, and on and on. You would need a good probiotic to kill the yeast. I do know that Plexus Slim carries a Probiotic that is unlike any on the market. They also carry a skin cream that people claim is working wonders on skin issues, acne, etc. There are also other Plexus products that are aimed at specific health issues. All their products are completely and totally natural and are truly doing amazing things for people’s health and wellness. I sleep sooo much better, have no more migraines, think more clearly, skin tags are diminishing, have lost weight, etc. If it weren’t for the fact that Plexus was all natural, I would not be using it. I won’t take prescriptions because of all the junk and poisons that are in them and all the side effects. God-made ingredients are the way to go! 🙂 Hope you all find the remedies you are looking for!

  11. Thank you for sharing! This is a great resource.

    In response to your comment about a lack of scientific proof, it is because there is no money in these herbal remedies. I can grow an entire medicine cabinet in my garden and not have to pay Pharma a dime. I highly recommend the documentary “Cancer the Forbidden Cure” It shows several people who applied herbal remedies to treat and cure thousands yet the AMA and FA discredited them. It is an appalling crime to repress this information from the public but with websites like yours, we can continue to spread the word and hopefully help a lot of people.

  12. I’m a herbal therapist based in Nigeria, a friend introduced me to the site,since then it has been an interesting experience.keep it up!

  13. I am trying to find a natural way to remove fluid retention from the body without taking a prescription. I know certain foods help to hydra the body but is there anything that will take the fluid off the body? Thank you for any info you may have to help with this.

  14. For fungus, itchy scalp (aluminum free baking powder to wash your hair followed by Bragg’s ACV and coconut oil with tea tree EO…) and other ailment, try eating raw, ripe, fresh and organic vegan!
    “Arnold Ehret’s mucusless diet healing system” (book, 5$!) helps you to transition safely and slowly!
    Research “mycotoxins in food” and (raw) food combining and feel free to read my “About” on my facebook ppage “Dorothee Heinze” for more natural healing sources like Robert Morse ND, Dr Cassar, Andreas Moritz….
    Research, trust Nature and be well everyone!

  15. Tinnitus and also fungus overgrowth can be symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. I just had my mercury fillings removed and working on chelation. Robert Morse says for fluid retention that your body holds on to the liquid because you don’t drink enough or eat water rich foods like fruits…Just keep researching everyone and get well!

  16. Look into using been shampoo for dandruff…also use coconut oil …google it for more info. Dandruff alternative herbals..can be found on Google.

  17. For Nail fungus use Tee tree oil. As far as fluid retention goes try drinking nettle tee several times a day and cut down on your salt. No crisps or salted snacks . Also eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. that should help.

  18. thanks for all the information this site provides yes I like the old time ways and home remedies thanks again

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