Why Is Everyone Suddenly Putting Butter In Their Coffee?

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Why Is Everyone Suddenly Putting Butter In Their CoffeeImage – © Marek – fotolia.com

We recently reported on both The Health Benefits Of Coffee and on how Coffee might Protect Against DNA Damage – but this is an awesome tip to improve the healthfulness of your coffee even further.

What’s interesting is that when coffee is mixed with more healthy fats – such as those from butter and/or from coconut oil, this amped up drink will help produce ketones, which are created when your body creates energy from fat rather than carbohydrates.

These ketones have been associated with numerous health benefits, including possible protection against Alzheimers and diabetes. [1]

Ok, here’s the full report on why people are putting butter in their coffee. It also gives you an important explanation of why grass-fed is the best type of butter to use:

Why Is Everyone Suddenly Putting Butter In Their Coffee?


[1] Can Ketone Bodies From Coconut Oil Cure Or Prevent Alzheimers? http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/12/13/can-this-natural-food-cure-or-prevent-alzheimers.aspx

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