Studies In Recent Years Have Identified A Relationship Between Lack Of Sleep And Cancer Development

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Cancer is a one of the greatest public health challenges worldwide, with an alarming incidence rate of 21% in men and 18 % in women. Cancer occurs when normal cells of the body deviate from normal controlled growth to abnormal growth of cells.

Sleep plays an important role in overall human health and impacts nearly all systems of the body: It influences the brain, immune system, hormone regulation, and metabolism in the body. Sleep can affect normal cellular function by altering the cellular environment and affecting the signaling mechanism of cell growth.

Researchers have now concluded that different components of sleep such as sleep duration, sleep quality, circadian rhythm can be potential risk factors for cancer. A review that analyzed multiple studies has found that people who sleep less than 6 hours are at higher risk of developing cancer. [1] Short-term sleep is associated with an increased risk of developing colon polyps that can later become cancer. Sleep deprivation leads to ‘wear and tear’ of cells, leading to DNA damage which results in cancer.

Sleep quality was identified as a risk factor for breast cancer in a study that involved 4,000 women. [2] Another study has found that men who suffer from sleep interruptions on a regular basis are at greater risk of developing prostate cancer. [3]

Circadian rhythm often known as the body’s internal clock controls a part of the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus which optimizes daily activity. Circadian disruption can lead to the development of cancer. Circadian signals control the normal functioning of the cell, including hormone production and immune function. Disruption is likely to influence genetic mutations and DNA damage. A review of multiple studies has found that circadian disruptions can be a potential risk for breast cancer. [4]

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