5 Processed Kids Snacks To Avoid At All Costs (Plus 5 Delicious Healthy Alternatives)

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5 Processed Kids Snacks To Avoid At All Costs
Image – EatLocalGrown (with permission)

Here’s a great report from Eat Loan Grown that highlights 5 of the “worst offenders” when it comes to snacks and shows you some useful info not only on how to read the confusing info on the product labeling, but also some great alternative recipes for super healthy snacks that you can easily make yourself.

We’re big fans of healthy snacks and so below the link to the full tutorial we have gathered a list of our own best tutorials for making your own healthy snacks! These are “real food” made with real, natural ingredients and none of the unpronounceable stuff you see all too often.

Remember that there is no such a thing as kid food, only marketing and packaging. The closer to nature, that better your kids will be, so stay away from processed foods, make your own snacks and choose real foods made with fresh ingredients.

Unfortunately, food companies market unhealthy products directly towards children. Cartoon characters and colorful boxes attract kids into buying extremely unhealthy foods loaded with sugars, refined wheat and artificial colors, linked to all sorts of chronic diseases including obesity, diabetes and hyperactivity/ADHD.

Kids are eating more processed foods than ever before. Did you know that today, by the time the average child in a developed country turns 8 years old, they’ve had more sugar in their lives than the average person did in their entire lifetime just one century ago? Processed food are loaded with sugar! We need to inform ourselves and start making better choices. If you want fun and creative snack options, check out also my Creative And Healthy Snack Ideas post.

I am going to advice you on 5 processed kids snacks you should try to avoid. In my opinion, these products should never be in your grocery shopping list. What you have available at home is what your kids will eat, so keep your home full of healthy food options and make your own snacks.

5 Processed Kids Snacks You Should Avoid Plus DIY Healthier Alternatives

1. Sugary Cereals

The worst cereals are sadly geared towards children. The information on the package is also deceiving. Uninformed consumers just look at the box and read: “good source of whole grains” or “made with real fruit”. So they go ahead and buy them thinking they are giving their children something healthy.

Popular brands like Froot Loops, Captain Crunch and Apple Jacks are 40 to 50% sugar by weight. This is just insane! These cereals should be treated as candy.

Look at the ingredient list: If you see corn syrup, high fructose or other types of sugar in the top three ingredients then you know it is not a healthy option.Remember that the ingredient list on a food label is the listing of each ingredient in descending order of predominance. The ingredients used in the greatest amounts first, followed by descending order by those in smaller amounts.
Look for healthier options: first ingredient should be whole grains and anything under 5 grams of sugar per serving would be a good choice. Check out also these 2 fun and healthier alternatives: Teddy Bear Toasts and Healthy Banana Sushi.

2. Fruit snacks

Fruit snacks are gelatinous sugar globs with a little fruit juice and added vitamin C or calcium. This shouldn’t be the way our kids get vitamins or minerals anyway. If you just want to give it to your child occasionally please understand: this is candy not a healthy snack.

Just look at the ingredients:Another popular and deceiving product for kids. The packaging of fruit snacks gives the impression that they are in some way healthy. “Fat Free” and “Made with real fruit”. Yes sugar is “fat free” but that doesn’t mean it is healthy. What they don’t tell you is your body will process sugar and convert into fat. So that “fat free” label is completely misleading.

All I see is artificial colors, artificial flavors, corn syrup and sugar. The long list of ingredients indicates this products is nothing but artificial. Again sugar in the top three ingredients.

If you want to give your children a healthy fruit snack please take a look at this Homemade Healthy Gummies recipe.

3. Sweetened drinks

A popular snack for kids you see in supermarket shelves.

Boxed juices and pouches are everywhere. It is funny how some parents will not give soda to their kids but instead will buy them sweetened drinks like Kool Aid and Capri Sun.

These fruit drinks are just as bad as soda. If they’re not made from 100-percent juice, they’re the nutritional equivalent of soda without the bubbles.

Most popular brands are also made with high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors just like sodas.

What to look for instead? Healthier fruit juices made with 100% juice and make sure they are not from concentrate. You can also make your own smoothies, please see my Green Smoothie or Cherry Banana Spinach Smoothie recipes for more natural alternatives. Remember always the healthiest choice should be water!

4. Ice pops

Kids are attracted by the neon colors, shapes and cartoons on these store-bought ice pops.

Some boxes will again say these ice pops are made with real fruit and are also fat free.

The reality is they are full of artificial dyes, sugars and in some cases even artificial sweeteners! Have you seen your kids’ tongue after eating one of those store-bought ice pops?

Surely it is not something healthy for them.

If you want to give your kids real fruit ice pops then you should take a look at my Great Snack Idea: Ice Pops. I started by making them with fruits only but now I add vegetables like beets, spinach, cucumbers and carrots. My son loves them and they are also great for picky eaters. Using fun molds helps get them even more excited and you feel good about giving your kids a healthy snack. There are so many ways to get your kids to eat their veggies you just need a little imagination!

Homemade Ice Pops are also great when a child has a cold. Dairy and sugar free and full of nutrients to fight viruses and infections! It can soothe a sore throat and help with coughing by adding raw honey. It can also help with reflux if you add some Aloe Vera or Ginger. Don’t forget to add your superfoods like a tablespoon of chia seeds for added protein and health benefits.

5. Crackers

As a mother, you are always looking for snacks you can take when you are out with your kids.

Crackers are very popular but most commercial crackers are made with GMOs, are very high in sodium and low in fiber.

They usually have no nutritional value and are full of preservatives, sugars, artificial colors and flavors.

A healthier choice? Try Homemade Cheddar Cheese Crackers. Made with only 4 ingredients! You can make a big batch and store them in a cookie jar and enjoy them while they last. You can use fun cutters in different shapes and sizes. Homemade crackers are very easy to make and so much better for your kids.

Healthy eating habits start at home. Remember snacks are not treats, they are mini meals. Teach your kids to make better choices and they will make good choices in the future. Stay away from processed foods and limit treats to once or twice a week. Homemade foods are always the best choice.

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Article with permission from Rick D

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