Banana And Almond Butter Ice Cream

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Ice cream – as everyone knows – is one of the most awesome things in the known universe. However let’s be honest: “Normal” ice cream is not the healthiest thing in the universe. In fact, health-wise, it’s a big fail. In addition to outrageous amounts of sugar (one of the worst things you can eat) and cow’s milk (not even digestible by humans, according to some), you might find all manner of other colorings, flavoring additives and other weird stuff that is neither ice nor cream. So, ice cream is both good and evil simultaneously and obviously, this is a conundrum that really needs to be solved. Urgently. 😉

Fortunately, some clever folks have figured it out! You can make your own super-delicious AND healthy ice cream using only frozen bananas and almonds! And we’ve found a great recipe for you, with the link at the end of this page. This recipe is sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, additive free, paleo and vegan!

Here Is How It Is Made: (so simple!)

The “base” ingredient is frozen bananas. For this version we will use raw almonds – however you could use other nuts or seeds according to your preference!

Step 1: Put raw almonds into food processor / blender and blend until creamy-smooth.

Step 2: Take out most of the nut butter but leave some in.

Step 3: Put in your frozen bananas. Pulse! Blend until creamy and smooth.

Step 4: Taste to see if it needs more almond butter. 🙂

Step 5: Add in some more of the almond butter if needed, plus any optional fun ingredients / flavours! 🙂 (see below for ideas)


I think it’s important to jazz up your healthy paleo ice cream and make some alternative flavors. 😉 No problem – because you can use the frozen banana as a “base” and also add in all manner of other ingredients in order to make your favorite flavors.

Try these:

• Unsweetened coconut flakes + 1-2 tablespoons cocoa powder

• Raisins (+ rum for real rum and raisin flavour? 🙂 )

• Frozen cherries / strawberries / blueberries / raspberries

• Vanilla extract

Peppermint oil and raw cacao chunks for a perfect healthy mint choc chip….

• Swap out the almonds for either some other type of nuts.

Let’s get creative! What would you add? Maca? Dates? Lavender flowers? Let everyone know in the comments!

Have fun! 🙂

Extra Notes On The “Paleo Diet”:

Paleo” is an intriguing type of diet that has come to prominence in the last few years. Short for paleolithic, the paleo diet is based on the (presumed) diet of Paleolithic humans (i.e. from the era before the agricultural period began.) The general concept is that humans evolved for hundreds of thousands of years as hunter-gatherers and that our systems are not ideally suited to an agricultural diet consisting largely of grains and processed foodstuffs. So the paleo diet consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils. [1]

The paleo diet is also known as the “caveman diet”, “Stone Age diet”, or “hunter-gatherer diet”.

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