Peasant Bread – The Best & Easiest Bread You’ll Ever Make

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Peasant Bread - The World's Simplest Bread Recipe
Image – (with permission)

We discovered a fantastic recipe for peasant bread – a “perfect” simple and natural bread recipe – and had to share on account of the rave reviews that it is getting! This is a great tutorial which includes not only photos every step of the way, but detailed instructions. The link follows after our introduction to the topic.

This is a no-knead bread. Which is awesome, because the effort required for kneading is one thing that puts many people off. Note that the recipe calls for the use of a pyrex bowl – and it seems from the original tutorial that the choice of bowl is somewhat important to the end result; so this is one minor investment that may be needed. However, it should pay for itself quickly if you make bread on a regular basis. 😉

One of the things that we like best about this recipe is that it contains no artificial ingredients. So you have full control over what you are feeding your family – and believe us, that’s a good thing: Many commercially available “big brand” breads contain additives of various kinds – including some that are highly suspect; for example Azodicarbonamide, known by the E number E927, is considered a respiratory sensitizer and has been banned in the EU – but is still in use in the USA as a flour additive!

Another thing about this bread that is awesome is of course the monetary saving. Someone calculated that the cost of one of these loaves of bread is under a dollar, including the cost of the energy used for the baking. That’s pretty amazing.

However what most people are raving about is the flavor. What is it about home made bread fresh from the oven that is just so unbeatable? I think partly it’s the “ultra freshness” – especially when the bread is still warm.

Ready to knock the socks off your dinner party guests? Ok here’s the link to the full peasant bread recipe: Enjoy! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Peasant Bread – The Best & Easiest Bread You’ll Ever Make

  1. I’ve been making the Peasant Bread for over a year now…I loved it because it was fast, easy and no kneading required, also, because when I discovered the recipe on her site, I had all the needed ingredients in my pantry!!!! It is the ONLY bread I have in my home, and I make it every Sunday. It lasts till Saturday on average. Sometimes if I eat A LOT of bread during the week, I would need to make another batch, but that is no bother. I have also shared it with tons of friends, and all say the same. Fast, easy and delicious!

  2. I ran across this Peasant Bread recipe last week and made it today (Easter Sunday 2014). I goofed it up a bit – didn’t measure the salt, so added to much, didn’t let it rise long enough the second time. It was still delicious! Shared it with my daughter and her little family and they loved it. We overcame the salt issue by putting jam on it, but next time I’ll actually measure it.

    I would give this recipe and blogger 5 stars! Excellent!

  3. I’ve been making this bread every week starting in the fall-most times twice,2 loaves at a time. I’m using 2 flat bottom round pryex dishes right now,I have 1 pryex bowl that I use also.It freezes very well, and most loaves I add onion powder,garlic powder,rosemary-thyme and parmesean.Absolutely divine!

  4. I made this bread for the first time a few weeks ago and it was wonderful. My husband and I have cut back on store bought bread for over a year now so needless to say, when I pulled this out of the oven, he fell in love with me all over again ;o)
    It’s so simple to make and pretty much fail proof. Go ahead, try it…you will love it! Thank you for posting the recipe for your readers. Love the info you put out there!

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