How To Make Turmeric Pain Relief Tea

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How To Make Turmeric Pain Relief Tea
How To Make Turmeric Pain Relief Tea. Image – (with permission)

Turmeric is one of the world’s most revered spices. Its praises are sung from the rooftops by herbalists. Entire books have been writhed extolling its magnificent virtues. Revered in the orient for centuries if not millennia, it has even been called “the world’s most healing spice” and hundreds of scientific papers and other reports have been published attesting to its healing benefits for all manner of conditions including cancer, ulcers, arthritis, alzheimers, cystic fibrosis, hemorrhoids, arteriosclerosis, inflammation and liver diseases.

As you might expect, we have some pages focusing on turmeric and here are some of them: – our full page including herbal uses, history, claimed health benefits and scientific reports.
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What’s the best way to use turmeric? Essentially, the way that is typically suggested is to simply incorporate it into the diet – using up to 4 grams per day. The taste is strange and unique – difficult to describe. It is not particularly fiery in the manner of for example cayenne or ginger, and personally I really like it, though it may take some getting used to. The best possible way to eat it – as with so many things – is fresh, raw, organic. I do this and simply chop or grate some very small pieces and sprinkle them on top of salads; or (my favorite) on top of my morning eggs on toast – along with organic avocado, heirloom tomato, olives and raw pumpkin seeds… 🙂

Fresh organic turmeric may prove to be a challenge to find (though worth the effort) and so you could resort to the powdered version (typically found in with all the other spices at the supermarket). It is also possible to obtain turmeric in capsule form, so that you can get it down you in a regulated manner without worrying about the bizarre taste or the fact that the amount of powder for optimum health benefits may be more than that which you might sprinkle on to your recipe otherwise.

Another thing to note about turmeric (powder or whole fresh) – it will stain plates, fingertips and work surfaces a bright saffron-yellow color! This will generally come out after a few washes but it’s not a good look to give guests stained plates – and so you may wish to designate specific kitchen utensils / tableware for your turmeric experiments. 😉 I would also counsel against chopping turmeric directly on a marble countertop!

Ok here’s the link to the full turmeric tea tutorial:

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15 thoughts on “How To Make Turmeric Pain Relief Tea

  1. Does anybody know why you cook the turmeric. Even if it is in powder form. I have seen it with other recipes like golden milk where it asks for the paste to be cooked. What if you just mixed it in. Does the cooking change something?

  2. I can just say wow to turmeric!!!. Each time when i see about turmeric i learn something new. It is a a natural medicine we could ever find i guess. Thanx for this amazing info. But as you said the only troubling thing is that it will give you stains that give a unpleasant look. We should be careful that way… 🙂

  3. It taste much better if you cook with it. I brown my onions with it and a little olive oil when I prepare anything from scrambled eggs to stews. I mix it in warm milk with honey. By itself its a little pungent, but sometimes I do just mix it in a glass of water. I think most spices taste better once they are cooked. Give it a try.

  4. Turmeric is one of the main ingredients in Protandim which is proven to reduce oxidative stress by up to 40% in only 30 days! Oxidative. Stress is the main cause of all disease proccesses and the main cause of aging.

  5. The stain will come out in the sun in no time at all. Believe me. It’s really easy to grow in the tropic, the root shoots, just like ginger. Don’t know the limit of cold it can tale, but it has nice lesves, looks good. But er …..where does it tell you how to make the tea?

  6. My partner is a runner and would run up to 80 miles per week so as u can imagine sometimes he would have some inflammation and is very against taking tablets he buys the organic tumeric and just eats it raw like a carrot or sometimes he will cut it up and rub it on the area that is sore an it seems to work .

  7. Got a sore throat, with cough and cold threatening to attack you? Here’s my grandmother, mother, wife’s simple yet effective counter attack:
    Add quarter of a teaspoon of turmeric power to a glass of hot milk and sip thru it before going to bed. It works wonderfully.

  8. The above question is a good one. I’ve not made tea. In fact I just put it in a bottle of water, shake well and drink it. Does it matter? Should I cook it?

  9. Thanks for the tip Raju 🙂 I just love this website, it’s a treasure ! Greetings from Belgium (Europe)

  10. We’re using it for our horses – we have a pony who used to get laminitis (very painful condition in the hooves that causes lameness) monthly, he has been sound since being on the turmeric, as are our older horses. It is also very good for elderly dogs with joint problems. We do however, mix it with coconut and black pepper as Theresa Nicassion mentioned.

  11. In my birthplace Philippines, turmeric is a wild plant and grow anywhere. However, this is always a part of our daily cooking ingredient as food coloring and flavoring. Maybe that’s the reason why I havent heard from my parents experiencing arthritis.

  12. wow guys & dolls wat an interesting remedies wow I get wat I was losing for my granny I fill and trust ur remedies..

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