How To Make Your Own Deliciously Scented Cacao Mint Soap

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How To Make Your Own Deliciously Scented Cacao Mint Soap
How To Make Your Own Deliciously Scented Cacao Mint Soap. Background photo – (with permission)

More than just the joy of potentially saving some of the cost of buying soaps, making your own natural soap at home has a further advantage: With store-bought soaps, there may be chemical additives and uncertainty as to how they may affect your skin. On the other hand, with homemade natural soaps, you get to choose your own herbal ingredients and have “total control”. So for those with chemical sensitivities and for those who simply want to “go natural” – this recipe is a winner!

We discovered an amazing recipe on how to make homemade cocoa and mint soap. The recipe makes use of natural ingredients and is very quick and easy to follow – as you are using a shea butter soap base – i.e. a soap base with shea butter added… which means no messing around with lye and no lengthy saponification. All you need are chopped fresh mint leaves, cacao powder, shea butter soap base and peppermint essential oil. In addition to its very decadent looks and wonderful aroma, this natural soap should help your skin feel smooth and soft.


Did you know that the main ingredient of chocolate, cacao, is considered good for the skin? Cacao contains antioxidants that are thought to be effective in eradicating free radicals – one of the major factors that trigger the occurrence of different signs of aging. When applied into the skin, cacao is thought to assist in making the skin look younger and softer.

Shea Butter

Considered by some to be the skin’s “superfood”, shea butter is probably one of the most popular ingredients of many skin care products available today. In addition to being considered able to protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays, shea butter is also thought to assist in eliminating aging symptoms like fine lines, scars, wrinkles. It deeply stimulates the skin and triggers enhanced production of collagen.

Fresh Mint Leaves

More than just for its amazing aroma, fresh mint also has some herbal benefits to bring to the table. It helps in calming and soothing infected, irritated and itchy skin. It aids in shedding off dead skin cells as well as in preventing pore clogging which might trigger the occurrence of acne.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Believed to be effective in eliminating red blotches, peppermint is a wonderful herb that helps tone the skin, rejuvenate dull skin, and relieve acne, itching and soreness. In addition to its cooling and soothing effects, peppermint essential oil is considered valuable in relieving various skin problems because of its antibacterial properties.

Ready for some mint choc chip in the bathroom? Just remember not to try to eat it! 🙂 Here’s the link (archive version) to the full tutorial:

Why not make a batch and have some on hand to give away as gifts?

Note – I noticed that the writer of the original recipe made a small error in not listing the amount of shea butter soap base exactly. They stated that it was “1/3 of a block” and said that they thought that it was a 1 pound block. This would seem to us to be about right for the amounts of essential oil listed in the recipe.

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