Overdose Deaths From Prescription Pain Killers Soaring Higher Than Ever In USA

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Overdose Deaths From Prescription Pain Killers Soaring Higher Than Ever In USAPhoto – public domain – pixabay.com/en/headache-pain-pills-medication-1540220/

The system of prescriptions plays a vital role in the regulation of medicine, particularly of medications that can cause serious harm when not taken as instructed by a physician. A person who abuses prescription painkillers (and other kinds of drugs as well) can seriously harm their health — or in a worst-case scenario, die. What’s more worrying is the recent data published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a department of the National Institutes of Health.

According to data collected by the National Institute on Drug Abuse from 2001 until 2014, there was a shocking three-fold increase (exactly 2.8 times) in the number of deaths attributed to the overdose of prescription drugs. There were also increases in overdoses from controlled substances. Here are the stats: [1]

– Deaths from Opioid Pain Relievers: 3.4-fold increase from 2001 to 2014.
– Deaths from Benzodiazepenes: 5-fold increase from 2001 to 2014.
– Deaths from Cocaine: 42-percent increase
– Deaths from Heroin: 6-fold increase

The graphs published on the NIH website show a continuous upward trend, leading to as much as a 6-fold increase in the number of deaths due to drugs. From deaths of 5,000 annually attributed to drug overdose to close to 30,000 deaths annually by 2014 — this signifies a problem that has continued to grow in recent years, and appears set to continue to grow in the future.

A report by the CDC also showed similar trends in mortality, wherein mortality rates for eight out of ten leading causes of death went up — reducing the nation’s life expectancy, which has not been seen in twenty years. [2]

While painkillers can take away serious pain when taken as prescribed, they can also do a world of harm when abused. So instead of turning toward ongoing or increased amounts of pills to manage your pain, there are a lot of natural methods you might wish to investigate instead. Herbs like chamomile, chili, and ginger have all been demonstrated to benefit pain, and even fever and inflammation. Relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, and rhythmic exercise can also be effective in managing pain.

A study in 2012 by Busch, et. al. found that deep breathing exercises were able to modulate pain control and perception, causing an increase in detection and threshold levels. Jeitler, et. al. in a recent 2015 study concluded that a special kind of meditation called “Jyoti Meditation” was able to assist with the management of chronic neck pain through pain reduction and improved coping.

Because of the threat posed by overdosing on prescription pain killers, going natural when it comes to pain management maybe a better option that won’t put your health at risk. [3][4]

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