Snail Slime Skin Creams Becoming Popular In The United States

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Snail Slime Skin Creams Becoming Popular In The United States
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If you aren’t into beauty and lifestyle, you probably don’t know that the hotbed of innovative technology in skincare is Asia — specifically countries like Korea and Japan. One surprising innovation is the use of snail slime in creams and other various skin care products. Can you believe that the icky trail of slime snails leave behind is actually good for our skin health? Because of its popularity in Asia, these snail slime-infused products have been recently gaining popularity in the US. If you head over to your local mall, you’re now likely to find some sort of snail slime skin product — whether it be a cream or face mask.

The Benefits Of Snail Slime

Despite the recent trend, it’s actually not a new thing. Historically, snail slime has been used since the time of the Ancient Greeks, when Hippocrates reportedly used the ingredient to soothe inflammatory skin conditions. Similar uses have been found in folk medicine; in Southern Italy, snail slime is used on warts, calluses, acne, and other similar skin conditions. Further research was done when Chilean farmers noticed that their skin lesions healed much faster after handling snails; this interesting phenomenon became the focus of several studies on snail mucus and skin abrasions. Today, topically-applied snail slime creams are increasingly growing in popularity. [1]

Science has also focused on the popularity of snail slime skincare products — and the reason why this ingredient is so popular. It all boils down to how snail slime has significant antioxidant properties that help fight off aging. Snail slime’s restorative properties are due to its ability to give the skin a youthful appearance by reducing hyperpigmentation, scarring, and wrinkles. These claims have made snail slime products incredibly popular among older people who want to regain the suppleness of young skin and among younger consumers who want to keep their skin the way it is — young and fresh. [1]

The Impact Of The South Korean Beauty Industry

Did you know that the South Korean beauty industry is the 8th largest in the global market? That’s why a lot of American and European-based companies have been getting inspiration from their Asian counterparts — in both make-up and skincare. From BB creams to cushion foundations, the latest craze is snail creams. These snail products were first introduced in the South Korean market in the early 2000s, with one of the earliest snail cream products coming from “Missha”, a popular Korean beauty company, back in 2010. Missha also confirmed Chile as one of the first places snail slime was topically used to manage skin abrasions. Today, you can find similar products (or even the Korean brands themselves) in your local drugstore or department store. [2]

If you have particularly sensitive skin, your best bet is still to ask your dermatologist for advice regarding snail cream products. Most of these products have been dermatologically tested (and Korean companies are quite stringent with testing) but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you aren’t allergic, then why not give snail slime a try? It might be the answer you’re looking for in keeping your skin young!


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