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The President’s Cancer Panel Warning

The President’s Cancer Panel
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Carcinogenic compounds are all around us – from the processed meats, alcoholic beverages, red meat, to pollutants in the water and air. [1][2][3]

Although most of us are already aware of some carcinogens and their impact, a 2010 warning by the President’s Cancer Panel shows that the risk factor of environmental toxins is greater than previously believed.

The underlying message of the Panel’s letter is that the impact of environmental carcinogens is grossly understated. The authors state that there are over 80,000 unregulated and understudied chemicals in the U.S. market. This means that millions of Americans are exposed to potentially carcinogenic compounds daily. One such widespread chemical is bisphenol A (BPA), which is found in some common consumer products such as cash register receipts, canned foods, and plastic bottles.

The opinions of the panel are supported by a study appearing in the British Medical Bulletin in which the researchers concluded that the number of cases due to environmental carcinogens is relatively high due to the high level of exposure. [4]

So, what is the way forward? Instead of the current reactionary approaches to dealing with potential environmental toxins, it’s better to practice a precautionary approach. Emphasis should be placed on mitigating the risk of cancer and reducing exposure to environmental contaminants.

The American Cancer Society has provided a list of more carcinogens in our environment. [5]

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