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The Amazing Unknown Power Of Papaya Seeds

The Amazing Unknown Power Of Papaya SeedsImage – (with permission)

We discovered a great tutorial that revealed that Papaya seeds could prove to be very beneficial to health. We would normally throw them away without thinking twice! Once again the medicinal power of plants is being recognised and we’re happy to be able to share the good news with you. The link to the tutorial follows after our introduction.

Papaya seeds look a lot like peppercorns and taste quite similar (not half as good as the fruit!). They can be dried and used in much the same way as a seasoning. Primarily, they have been found to be very beneficial to the digestive system as they contain enzymes that break down protein waste and allow easier absorption of proteins in to the body. They are also taken to help kill off harmful parasites.

Intestinal parasites include protozoa and helminths (worms), the worms were once treated with poison (turpentine!) but are now commonly treated with drugs that prevent them producing the enzymes that keep them from being digested. Papaya looks like a safe natural alternative, although it’s important to take the correct dosage and research the possible side-effects. The taste of the seeds can be masked by adding them to a smoothie or crushing them and mixing with honey.

The presence of anti-bacterial properties can help to prevent food poisoning, which is usually caused by an imbalance of harmful bacteria – these bacteria often exist in small quantities even in a healthy digestive system. There are also anti-inflammatory effects that could help to ease a sensitive stomach and it has been reported that Papaya seeds have shown anti-viral properties in their use to treat Dengue fever in parts of Central America.

All of these benefits would seem like enough for one type of fruit but there are more! It has been traditional for men in some parts of Asia to take Papaya seeds on a regular basis as a way of reducing their fertility and therefore avoiding unwanted pregnancies. Some compelling research has been done that supports this traditional use for the seeds.

Medicinal supplements containing papain, the main active enzyme, are readily available but, as with all medicines, there are a few possible side-effects and contra-indications for Papaya seeds, particularly if you have a latex allergy; they are also to be avoided during pregnancy – please check the “resources” below for full details.

Ok, here’s the link to the full tutorial:

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