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Health Benefits Of Strawberries

Health Benefits Of Strawberries
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1. Boosts Immunity: Strawberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C; both of these substances are excellent for fighting free radicals. [1] Vitamin C is well established by science to boost the immune system. [2]

2. Regulates Blood Pressure: A study has found that consumption of a moderate amount of strawberries results in favorable changes in HDL cholesterol and blood pressure. The results of the study indicated that regular consumption of strawberries may help prevent cardiovascular diseases. [3]

3. Reduces Stress: The high amount of vitamin C in strawberries helps in reducing stress. A study has also reported that the anthocyanins present in strawberries are responsible for lowering stress. [4]

4. Help Lose Weight: Strawberries promotes the production of two important hormones, adiponectin and leptin. These hormones have been shown to increase metabolism and help in burning fat. [5]

5. Prevent Memory Decline: Strawberries may help keep the brain sharp in old age and prevent memory decline. A study has found that the high amount of flavonoids in strawberries are responsible for preventing cognitive decline in older adults. [6]

6. Beautiful Skin: Strawberries contain a lot of vitamins and alpha-hydroxy acid which gets rid of dead skin cells and cleanses the skin. Strawberries also contain a lot of vitamins, which along with alpha-hydroxy acid have been shown to improve biochemical parameters of skin including skin texture, skin elasticity, and wrinkles. [7]

7. Maintain Healthy Teeth: Strawberries contain malic acid, which is a good natural whitener for enamel. A study has found that strawberry juice has a positive effect on the rewhitening process of coffee-stained teeth. [8]

8. Assists digestion: Strawberries contain natural fiber which is beneficial towards digestion.

8. Keeps Bones Healthy: Strawberries contain vitamin C and calcium that strengthen the bones and prevent bone damage.

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