Top 10 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Wasps

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Top 10 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of WaspsPhoto – böhringer friedrich (Wikipedia) lic. under CC 2.5

Wasps are actually very beneficial insects in some ways – for example they hunt all manner of other insects, keeping their numbers down. Certain varieties of wasp are deliberately introduced in agriculture because they can eliminate pest insects without themselves harming the crops. Some wasps are also pollinators which of course is needed now more than ever, with the decline in the bee population.
So they have a real value in nature and it is important to understand this – and the first thing I want to say is please don’t kill them if it is avoidable. However, there are some situations in which wasps can be a menace if not a genuine hazard. The most typical problems are caused when “yellowjackets”, a certain type of wasp, make nests in or close to human environments. I currently have a scenario of this kind to deal with, as I just discovered a wasp nest in the battery compartment of my RV! Not good! Fortunately I spotted the nest before actually disturbing it, which could have been a disaster. But this one is going to be tricky to deal with and I may have to call the pros.
As summer turns to fall, the yellowjackets’ behavior becomes more aggressive. Part of the problem comes because they are drunkards! Yes, they like to eat rotten fruit, which of course has an alcohol content from the fermentation… then they become stupid, clumsy and pugnacious.
Wasp stings can be painful at the least and life threatening at worst. If a wasp stings you in the mouth or throat, it is considered a medical emergency. A serious allergic reaction is also a medical emergency – and symptoms to look out for include dizziness, nausea and sudden overpowering sleepiness. Another problem is that wasps often land on “nasty stuff” in nature and their stings can carry bacterial infections.
Typically, many people deal with wasps using chemical insecticides – however (if you have some sort of a self-preservation instinct or love of nature) you may not wish to introduce these toxins into your home and garden where your kids and animals play. Bottom line: There are alternatives.
We found a great page which lists 10+ Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Wasps – both prevention and elimination – together with a lot of really useful information and tips on what to do if you get stung, and times when you really do need to call in the exterminator. It’s a brilliant page full of effective tips.
Ok here is the link to the original list and tutorial:
**UPDATE** I ended up using an essential oil based spray product to deal with the wasps in my RV and car (inside the driver’s door wing mirror, and in the trunk!) and it worked really well – here’s the link (note – yes it is my affiliate link) to the product on Amazon
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  1. If nothing else can be done with an inground nest, fill the entry hole with liquid Dawn. the wasps will exit in a panic, but cannot fly. you can get rid of the entire nest this way and avoid being stung.

  2. Perfect timing! Thank you. I don’t know how large the nest is under my shed but, going by the number of wasps constantly tormenting us in the yard, I’m guessing it is really big. I’ve been waiting for the cold weather so I can uncover as much of the shed floor as possible to get an idea of what I’m dealing with. I’m looking forward to the info in this article! Thanks!

  3. wait until dusk/dark the wasps are docile, and easier to work with. Just try not to shake the nest much.

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