Top 55 Flat-Belly Foods

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Top 55 Flat-Belly FoodsPhoto – © Markus Mainka –

The choice of what we eat is one of the most important of all choices we make on a daily basis. It truly affects how long we live – and can make the difference between being happy in your body or absolutely hating your life. I’m not exaggerating in the least!
We discovered a fantastic list of 55 “Flat Belly Foods” compiled by certified nutritionist and professional trainer Mike Geary – and had to share. Mike is the creator of the best-selling “Truth About Abs” training system and he has devoted years of his life to helping many people move towards the lean, sculpted physique they desire.
This awesome list of healthy foods covers all the major food types and has great explanations for why each food is included. It’s an “education in a box” type tutorial – you could print it out to form the basis of your next grocery shopping list! 🙂
Good eating starts with good shopping – and for those who are really determined to eat right, learning about which foods are most nutritious and which are “hyped” is the first step.
The next step is of course to make sure that you only have the good stuff in the house. What tends to happen is that hunger strikes all of a sudden – and at that point the brain seems to “short circuit”, with the “must have food” tendency to just grab the nearest thing to hand. You’ll make the most profound changes to your diet by making profound changes to your shopping.
Ok, here is the full “shopping list” of 55 of the best “flat-belly foods” for a lean, healthy body:
Note – is an affiliate of Mike Geary and earns a commission on any sales of his products. Please note however that the entire presentation on 55 foods for a lean belly is 100% FREE, with no sign-up or anything else required.

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  • By Healthy Notions, LLC., September 24, 2013 @ 6:22 am

    These are all great foods to eat on a constant basis. It’s not hard to see why these are Flat Belly Foods! 🙂

  • By Sandra, January 17, 2014 @ 8:46 am

    Please send more information love to read more bout it

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