Top 20 Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen

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Top 20 Natural Painkillers In Your KitchenGraphic © herbshealthhappiness. Ginger photo – © charlottelake – (under license)

Note – as always – this is just background information, not medical advice or a recommendation to self-medicate. Pain may be an indicator of more serious issues and so if you have symptoms, medical consultation is advised. Also, be sure to ask your physician if there are any known interactions between herbs and medications you are taking.

Here’s a fantastic, fascinating list of natural painkillers that are common kitchen ingredients! What’s interesting is that the list is not just a basic list – but also gives specific information as to the type of pain that researchers have found that these natural ingredients may assist with – and the way in which the food is used (not all of the remedies involve actually eating the herb / food in question!)

What makes this list absolutely incredible is that the uses are based on reports from scientific research (this info is included at the source article – link at the foot of my commentary). The original list is a bit of a long read though, requiring much scrolling – and so we thought it might be good to seem them all “at a glance” – so for those who want to “skim” through the list really quickly, I made a “short version” of the top 20, together with a summary of the condition each item is used for.

Once again, the miracles of nature have astounded me and made me wonder if the modern world will tamper with everything before going full circle and realizing that “natural is best” after all! Thankfully there are still many good scientists doing groundbreaking work in this field and I take my hat off to you.

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Top 20 Natural Painkillers List

Ginger (add to 1-2 teaspoons daily to diet for general muscle pain)

Cloves (chewed gently for toothache / gum inflammation)

Apple Cider Vinegar (1tbsp mixed with water before meals for heartburn)

Garlic (made into a special oil for earache – recipe at the original article)

Cherries (joint pain, headaches – 1 bowl per day)

Oily fish (Salmon, tuna, sardines, trout, mackerel, herring – intestinal inflammation – 18oz per week)

Yogurt (PMS – 2 cups per day)

Turmeric (chronic pain – 1/4 teaspoon per day)

Oats (endometrial pain – they are gluten free)

Salt (hot, salty foot baths for ingrown toenails – 1tsp per cup of water – 20 mins twice daily)

Pineapple (stomach bloating, gas – 1 cup of fresh pineapple)

Peppermint (add a few drops of the essential oil to bath for sore muscles)

Grapes (back pain – 1 heaping cup per day)

Water (general injury pain, helps wash away the pain-triggering histamine – 8 x 8 ounce glasses per day)

Horseradish (sinus pain – 1 teaspoon twice daily)

Blueberries (bladder / urinary tract infections – 1 cup daily)

Raw Honey (topical application 4 times daily for cold sores / canker sores) (see also our special report on raw honey)

Flax (breast pain – 3 tablespoons daily – must be ground or seeds will pass right through!)

Coffee (migraines – caffeine stimulates the stomach to absorb pain meds better)

Tomato Juice (leg cramps – tomato juice is rich in potassium – 10oz daily)

Ok, here is the link to the original page with the greater detail on each one:

Can you think of any more? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Thank you for this information. I am an avid researching of health related information. Common everyday items such as these should be common sense approaches but sadly people now go to drugs first.

  2. Blood Sugar Level Control
    Cinnamon can help with lowering blood sugar level by mimicking the actions of insulin, the hormone that usually regulates glucose in our body. Interestingly, this spice is often paired with foods high in carbohydrates like cinnamon rolls and apple pies, which usually spikes the blood sugar level. According to the USDA Agricultural Research Services, adding roughly one teaspoon of cinnamon to your daily diet can dramatically improve and lower blood sugar, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, whether the person is diabetic or not. Hence, this spice may also aid in the prevention of diabetes and life-threatening cardiovascular diseases.

  3. Use ginger for morning sickness, general nausea. Peppermint also helps relieve bloating and indigestion.

  4. My grams taught me a teaspoon of vinegar in a cup of hot sweet tea gets rid of migraines and headaches. I mix it up by putting vinaigrette on a salad and having a soda or ice tea. Still get the combo of caffeine and vinegar!

  5. this info would be even more useful if i could email it to my mother-in-law. you have all kinds of sharing media, but not simple email. why is that??

  6. Omg. Awesome!! I’ve always loved ginger for pain and knew a few others like cherry but yogurt for pms? No WONDER I was so much better while drinking kefir!!

    And Dana, you can simply email the link, i believe they put social media links out cause its harder for one to post to sites. Email is pretty cut and go…

  7. All you have to do is highlight,copy to your notebook,save as , where you want,then e-mail to all your friends and family.Add as attachment to your e-mail.NOTE there won’t be no pictures.GL

  8. love all the advise, but email would be good, not all my friends are on FB., Thank you.

  9. Yes, oats are gluten free BUT most oats are processed in factories that also process wheat and crop rotation in fields can also cause cross contamination. If you need gluten free you are better off purchasing oats that are grown in dedicated fields and processed in a factory designed for gluten free.

  10. I have heard from family that unfiltered apple cider vinegar is the best to use. And its good for stomach ailments besides heartburn. Nausea and better digestion. I also have a whole paper given to me about the benefits of cinnamon and honey. For instance, 2t of honey and 1t cinnamon mixed in 1c of hot water. Drink morning and night regularly helps arthritis. Also if you have a iphone or one like it just hit the button at the bottom and hit share page. That will take you to email so you can send it.

  11. If you use salt only use CELTIC SALT or some other unprocessed salt (Himalayan or Murray River pink salt etc.) Unprocessed salt is full of over 90 minerals required by the body. Table salt is simply Sodium Chloride and a touch of iodine if it has been iodised. It is TOXIC.

    1. LOL not sure where you are getting your info from Wendy, but you should research a little more deeply before regurgitating what you read. For a start, there are not 90 mineral elements required by the body. When you remove all the gases, here are not even 90 mineral elements altogether, even including all the super toxic ones like mercury, lead, cadmium. You would need to be ingesting plutonium and radium and many more to be getting your full complement of 90. The 90 element salt thing is a well known scam.
      As for Iodine, you should know that it is essential to all higher animals, which require it in order to synthesize thyroid hormones. I don’t blame you for wanting to avoid table salt. But you might want to get some of your facts straight before sounding off.

  12. Apple cider vinegar the none distilled such as Braggs has so many health it lowers blood sugar control high blood pressure maes muscles stronger controls chronic pain and is natural fat burner there are so many benefits

  13. So amazing how these simple ingredients help us to overcome some of these illness which affects us in our everyday life. Thank you so much

  14. i have a pinched nerve upper back that is causing a lot of arm joint pain, can’t even raise my left arm above my shoulder and the only thing the dr says is surgery and i refuse to do that, any suggestions have osto arthur as well.

  15. This is what I read about Celtic Salt. I am quoting from a good friend of mine…he is an Endocrinologist…”Celtic Salt provides renewed energy.
    It gives you a high resistance to infections and bacterial diseases
    It supplies all 82 vital trace minerals to promote optimum biological function and cellular maintenance.
    It balances alkaline/acid levels
    It restores good digestion
    The natural iodine in these salts protects against radiation, atomic fallout and many other pollutants.
    It can aid in relieving allergies and skin diseases
    And overall greatly reduces toxins and to help prevent ill-health
    Properly stored, salt keeps virtually indefinitely.”
    This was not a regurgitation as you mentioned above… but a “quote” from a “Medical Doctor” He knows a lot about salt as it is vital to the endocrine system…. 🙂

  16. Cranberies for cystitis. Do you think blueberries are better? I munch dried cranberries as an energy food, I’d like to know how they affect blood sugar

  17. Peppermint and Spearmint are used to alleviate stomach ailments and digestive problems. So is Chamomille.

  18. Migraines and vascular headaches usually are preceded by some sensation in one of your senses: smell, vision, touch, taste, hearing. If you can determine what yours is, then as soon as that happens next time, take caffeine. It doesn’t take much, maybe only one cup of coffee, to stop the headache in its tracks, if you take the caffeine soon enough. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s awesome. My doctor told me about it. I thought my tongue was getting tense before a headache but that was actually a taste symptom. Who knew!

  19. Cayenne pepper – helps healing, reduces inflammation, allergies, arthritis, sinus problems, clotting & many more uses.

  20. HOW MANY DIFFERENT MINERALS EXIST ON EARTH? There are over 2000 known varieties of minerals. Minerals are not elements… sometimes it can be confusing for all of us…

  21. to deb s, August 5 2013. Deb, I had pinched nerve in shoulder caused by a large calcification. Could not even lift left arm past waist. Surgery was suggested as only way out; like you I refused, wanting to solve it more naturally…
    Went to chiroprctor/osteopath (the gentle adjustments), physiotherapy and did the exercise suggested. I no longer have any pain and can raise my arm totally up. I did use some anti-inflammatory for a small time, as I could not even dress myself for the pain in moving the arm… but now all is good. Just make sure you find a good chiro as well as physio, because not all are the same….. Good Luck!

  22. Every morning I take 1 glass warm water 6oz with 2 TBSP of lemon juice, 1 TBSP Diatomaceous Earth(food grade) 1/4 tsp ground ginger, 1/4 tsp ground Turmeric. I’ve been doing it for about 2 months and I can jump out of bed in the morning without the chronic pain that made it hard to get going every morning. Plus the added bonus of fast, growing hair and nails plus a nice complexion. Wish I had heard of this earlier in life!!

  23. This is great anything for fibromyalga am in constant pain neck area and full on headaches and migrains


  25. I have found that a clove of garlic held to an inflamed gum will help bring down this swelling, the pain and improve the infection. It is a natural antibiotic, etc.

  26. Hot pepper for headache pain. I used to eat jalepeno poppers for that, but since going gluten free, I just use a little cayenne.

  27. Watercress has a lot of vitamin K. So avoid it if your a heart patient or use it to boost your vitamin K levels.
    (F.Y. I.-Vitamin K is what causes blood to clot)

    Use fresh pineapple for healing after trauma or surgery, it has lots of vitamin C which is great for healing. And the crunchy core has great enzymes that also help your digestion and healing process. So use it all!
    And seaweed or nori has lots of iodine which is great for hypothyroidism.(Nori is the greenish black wrapping around sushi.)
    Cumin is suppose to ward off neurological disease like Alzheimer’s.

  28. Calming the mind with a combination of Organic Chamomile , Lemon balm, and passion flower tea.

    Also I find my Phuket organic tea of Graviola or Soursop leaf is very tranquilizing and calming to ease pain.

    Also for any stomach discomfort I eat some Thai green sour mango. Acts just like ginger for the stomach. And if my stomach pain is really driving me up the wall which is very rare unless I eat out where I am not suppose to be I turn to activated charcoal. I use a product called “Charconite” It just works.

    Also moving your body reduces the pain and you will think less of it later.

    Holistic Chef Barry

  29. i would like to know id there is anything that you can say would be good for hot sweaty flashes. i know me and other women would love to know what to do please help
    hot and sweaty in florida

  30. I have been having a kind of burning sensation in my manhood,and Ihave visited many hospitals I took different Anti biotics but all in vein.could u pls help me out

  31. I have always heard that Banana’s are good for leg, ankle and foot pain. They are high in potassium.

  32. Fresh Garlic can be made into a rinse for toothaches .

    Warm water in a glass
    sea salt
    2 cloves fresh finely chopped garlic.

    Take a mouthful and just let it sit on infected tooth , then spit…you can also chew on the garlic ( it is a natural antibiotic ) .

  33. Is there not a print feature available to keep this wonderful information or am I just missing its location?

  34. What about canker sore and mouth ulcers? I have a friend who gets it all the time (each month)… Thanks

  35. for migraines, try a handful of almonds. However much your hand can hold when it is cupped is your dose. It does not matter if they are raw or roasted. There is something in the oil that will stop a migraine in about 20 minutes. I have tried this, and although eating almonds with a migraine isn’t always easy because of the pain, however, it really works, and it works in 20 minutes or less every time!

  36. Eat a few fresh mint leaves to rid the metal taste in your mouth after chemo treatments,a seaband bracelet on each wrist for nausea.

  37. To Keturah, I had chronic uti’s too, went to a natural doctor because antibiotics just didn’t work, she put me on nondairy probiotics, 5000 iu vitamin D, an intestinal repair supplement from Biogenesis Nutraceuticals and several other vitamins, taken 2 or 3 times a day. In less than a month the uti was gone and in the 4 years since then I have had one recurrence. Often the infections are not caused by your bladder but something else, usually a leaky gut. Try to find a natural or oriental medicine doctor, MDs don’t have the answer. Good luck

  38. I took medical massage classes, and in an after class discussion, I was told of turmeric.It works!!I filled capsules with ground turmeric from the spice aisle, and take two as needed.

  39. i love your postings, very informative and I was wondering what would be good for kidney stones?

  40. for cold sores, rub the inside of an orange peel on them, they are gone usually within 24 hours or minimized over night 🙂

  41. I have given my children liquid ginger for tummy aches. 10 – 20 drops (depending on the age of the child) in a little water willset things right in a hurry.

  42. Thank you 4 this info. i always have leg cramps n heart burns, Would like 2 order ur book??

  43. In Sri Lanka, we have been using all natural medicine for thousands of years… After British colonial era, we were exposed to western culture including western medicine. After couple of decades even western scientists recommend natural remedies we have used for few thousands of years. Our life style, cooking methods, medicines seems to be the best. Luckily, few of our ancestors were able to preserve few of these tips. Here are a few pain killers we still use. All natural..Non toxic. No side effects at all
    Dried coriander seed boiled water
    Dried venevel geta , (I’m not sure about the name in English.)boild together with coriander seed, dried ginger and & keep to be evaporated for few minutes. The water is dark in color and taste bitter. Ideally could drink with juggery. You could drink with sugar or rock sugar as well. Normally could be used as a remedy for cold, fever and any kind of muscle pains, body aches. reduces phlegm. Could be given for younger ones as well.

  44. Here’s a couple that I learned while in school for massage.

    Check with a doctor if you are on meds.

    Pure Rosemary Oil. Put a few drops on a pulse point and rub it. It does wonders.

    Arnica Montana. Put a few of the sugar pills they come on under your tongue and let them dissolve. They also work wonders.

    I use these to help knock out pain from several conditions and they are very useful.

  45. Cinnamon helps with back pain. I ate it everyday in at least one meal (usually breakfast) for about two months, and the pain from my slipped disc was minimal.

  46. My chiropractor recommends chewing up and eating watermelon seeds to get rid of bladder infections. It worked for me. So now I do that if I get a bladder infection.

  47. Poppy Seed. If the seeds are unwashed, they contain many compounds of the substance opium. Papavarin, Thebaine, Codeine, and Morphine can all be found in the latex left on the outside of the seed. So if washed with water and ingested, it causes a very morphine like analgesia. Its only for when you may need a high powered pain killer and is very addictive. So only used sparingly and at times of worst pain. But it works and works well. The strength of the seeds is always going to be different depending on batch, and its very rare to find unwashed seeds. There are a few places to find them if you do your research. Just be cautious and use common sense. About 20oz of unwashed seeds will brew enough tea for a days relief of extreme pain. More if you freeze it into ice cubes and use more sparingly.

  48. I sometimes have heartburn and take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a 1/2 glass of warm water and find almost instant relief… I am
    83 years old and have been taking this all my life… Hope this helps…

  49. Oh yes, I also eat fruit BEFORE eating a meal and that prepares my
    stomach for my meal. Don’t forget to eat SLOW… Good luck…

  50. Two things- I have done a lot of research on the medicalstudies regarding cinnamon and found it, personally, to be excellent. But there is a warning with this small dose (can irritate the digestive tract if not taken with some other food) -as cinnamon acts as a blood thinner it shouldn’t be taken in conjunction with blood thinning medications so check with a medical professional if this applies to you my suggestion here would be a good nutritionist or naturopath as gps don’t generally seem to keep up with natural remedy info. Tests were quite inconclusive, some positive, others not(see Pubmed website for some of these) and I would suggest that the type of cinnamon used is significant. Medical grade is what you are after, not just a supermarket bottle.It can be taken in capsules but I found it eady to sprinkle on my oatmeal.
    Capsicum and peppers of other kinds have been used as an ayurvedic means of pain killing and I have found more pain relief from herbal anti-inflammatory (especially Fusion brand products) than from the dope handed out by my gp.I had rather significant muscular trauma and two herniated discs in my spine from a careless driver. Eight years later I am making a much better recovery on natural supplements whilst trying to repair the leaky gut and other complications resultant from modern methods. Morheine based products tend to lead to a downhill road if taken regularly and I wasknown to sleep for a day and a half on one dose (notlife-practical !)
    Many of these foods (eg pineapple) convert into alkaline ash through digestion, and raising your alkaline food intake is extremely useful for healing and positive body function. (Also found doses of Barley Grass powder efficacious in pain relief as it helps remove the systemic toxins).So lots of green juice or heaping plates of green raw veggies (depending on your gut condition ) will also neutralise pain and get the body back into tip top working order!

  51. I soak my feet daily in apple cider vinegar and listerine.

    15 minutes in pure listerine, let the feet dry. 15 minutes in pure apple cider vinegar.

    I have suffered open sores on my feet from lupus for years. After starting this routine I now have pretty, pain free feet. No open sores.

    A side benefit is that my yellow toe nails have also disappeared.

  52. My grandmother made a paste of honey and flour and applied it to boils. It will remain on without being covered due to it’s natural adhesive properties,

  53. You do know that the over-the-counter pain patches now contain capsaicin, which is what makes hot peppers hot.

    My husband never could cure his bleeding ulcers with medication from his MD. He finally quit the meds, and went back to eating HOT peppers. He eats habenero sauce by the spoonfuls. His ulcers are cured, and he swears it is the hot peppers that did it. For sure it was not the pharmaceuticals.

    When he does not each some hot sauce every day, he does get a ill. I think he’s on to something here.

  54. Oh very interesting, i love herbal more than drug medicines if you care of your kidney and liver, pls share more i always use fb for my search, thanks.i used to take 4 glasses of water first thing in the morning plus warm water with half lemon and observed that the color of my urine became so clear and no more joint pains.thanos

  55. Really interesting posts. I have recently had my left clavicle operated and have a metal plate. I am now healing but need to reduce the side affects of constant pain, like headaches/dizziness, morning joint stiffness and effects of taking loads of paracetemol, but I must not take anything anti-inflammatory because I need the collarbone to fuse ( avoid a malunion). I also have twenty stitches so need to heal my skin – vitamin E was suggested. Any ideas of what to take / not to take? I have a herbal skin tea and guzzle water and take 1g of vitamin c alongside a healthy diet.

  56. I could try the low or no pain & also information at the beginnin of this article. Now, One thing to keep in mind, is using cold packs,which can be made of simply using a plastic bag filling it with rubbing achohol and then some water, put inside the freezer and let freeze until needed. This is better to keep information down than heat

  57. My eyes can’t believe that kitchen is such a great medical store!!!. This is every useful post. Rather than that of of the intake of chemicals. It is highly recommended to just go to our own kitchens and make use of them perfectly…. :). I will follow all these tips. They are highly useful.That pepper mint idea sounds great….. 🙂

  58. I have sinus headaches and headaches in general what would be good to do naturally

  59. Please be careful putting peppermint essential oil in your bath. It can be very hot in places you don’t want it to be hot! When using essential oils in your bath please use salts (dead sea or epsom) or a fat like milk so the oils will mix into all the bath water.
    Good comments overall! Thank you.

  60. Mary, for sinus headaches you can use Eucalyptus radiata and Peppermint. If you have high blood pressure please stay away from peppermint though as it’s a stimulant and can increase BP. Lavender also works well.

  61. Thank you so much. I tried the ginger and it works. I really believe in natural goodness that’s within reach right in your own kitchen!

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