Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cherries

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Amazing Health Benefits Of Cherries
Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cherries. Graphic © Cherry photo © AdobeStock 66412088 (under license)

Cherries are packed with nutrients! They are becoming more well known for their many health benefits, mainly due to the high levels of some vitamins and strong antioxidants that help the body to remain in balanced health, supporting its defense against many degenerative diseases. Did you know that Turkey is the country that produces the most cherries in the world?

Growing your own cherries has the added benefit of the abundant, beautiful blossom in the spring although you’ll probably have to defend your crop against birds and wild animals – surely a sign that cherries are a great source of nutrition! 😉 Here’s our list of the Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cherries….

1. Promote Liver Health – As a precursor to vitamin A, the beta carotene found in cherries is very important for good health, especially for the liver, and has shown protective effects against liver damage. [1]

2. Keep Your Heart Healthy
– Cardiovascular disease can be kept at bay by regular consumption of plant polyphenols, which are found in abundance in cherries! [2]

3. Help Fight Cancer – The antioxidant, nutrient and vitamin boost from cherries gives the body extra resources which may help prevent or fight off cancer! [3]

4. Arthritis Relief – Cherries are listed in the top 12 foods for arthritis by the Arthritis Foundation. Drinking a lot of cherry juice, especially from tart cherries, has been shown to help alleviate the painful symptoms. [4]

5. Bone Density – Low bone mineral density, particularly in women, is a common problem in the western world – poor diet and a lack of dietary flavonoids can lead to degeneration and conditions like osteoporosis. A diet rich in anthocyanins has been shown to make a difference! [5]

6. Gout Relief – Cherries have been used for many years as a folk remedy for gout… and there is now evidence to back up this claim; a recent trial reported a 35% lower risk of flare-ups! [6] Cherries have been found to increase the excretion, and block the reabsorption, of urate that can cause gout. Great news for gout sufferers! [7]

7. Anti-Inflammatory – It’s those anthocyanins again! – there is growing evidence that cherries are beneficial in reducing the inflammation that accompanies many degenerative diseases. [8]

8. Reduction In Diabetes Symptoms – Preliminary testing shows a positive link between antioxidants from cherries and a reduction of diabetes symptoms although further research is needed to strengthen the claim. It is recommended to eat tart, rather than sweet, cherries due to their lower sugar content. [9][10]

9. Promote Kidney Health – High levels of potassium can help the kidneys to stay healthy and the same action that lessens gout symptoms can help to prevent kidney stones from forming. Tart cherries contain even more of the active components. Important! – chronic kidney disease could be made worse by taking large doses due to the strong anti-inflammatory effect so please check with your doctor before using the juice medicinally! [11]

10. Improved Sleep

If you suffer from a sleep disorder, jet lag or you simply need to maintain a good sleep cycle during shift work, cherries are rich in melatonin, a hormone that contributes to establishing a regular pattern of sleep and other biological rhythms! [12] See also – 20 Foods To Help You Sleep Better

For best results, please eat organic cherries and be sure to wash fruit thoroughly before eating.

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