Top 50 Uses For Lavender Essential Oil

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Top 50 Uses For Lavender Essential Oil
Top 50 Uses For Lavender Essential Oil. Hraphic © Photo © Adobe Stock 44783015 (under license)

Lavender is widely considered one of the most useful and popular herbs in the world. One of the great qualities of lavender essential oil is that it is one of the few oils for which it is stated that it can be used on skin without dilution – though caution is of course advised. Lavender is included in innumerable cosmetic and beauty products and even in some foods – have you ever had lavender ice cream? It’s absolutely delicious!

Lavender essential oil is one of the most commonly used of all essential oils – however owing to its popularity there is the inevitable mass-production, so the user is urged to seek out true therapeutic-grade organic lavender oil, especially if the product is going to come into contact with your skin (i.e. topical use, inclusion in massage blend etc).

Growing Lavender

Lavender is considered an easy plant to grow – so why not try your hand at growing your own? Lavender thrives in hot, dry conditions and well-drained soil, so don’t overwater it. It likes to get full sun.

Harvesting Lavender

The best time for gathering / harvesting lavender is on a dry day after any dew has evaporated. This is because it is easier to dry with less mold risk when not damp in the first place. Cut the stems, and dry them either hanging , standing in a (dry) vase or loosely on a screen, tray or paper sheet. Keep the lavender tops in a dry place until they have dried out, and out of direct sunlight. When the stems are fully dry, the flowers can be pulled / rubbed free from the stems and put in a jar.

Searching around the web I came across the following detailed article listing 50 uses of lavender essential oil – and it’s a good one. This page gives many details and tips:

Note that we also have a full lavender information page with much detailed info about the history, uses and other information about lavender.

Buying Lavender Essential Oil Online

It’s a good idea – especially if putting essential oils on the skin – to find therapeutic grade, high quality oils. Looking around on Amazon I found this one – which is listed as 100% pure, organic, therapeutic grade, is a really good price and gets much five-star “rave review” feedback.


Even the stems have some uses too – they can be placed on campfire coals as mosquito repellent, put on barbecue coals to add a lavender aroma to chicken, or put in cupboards along with flowers to add fragrance and repel moths. One of the things you start to learn when you get more deeply into herbalism is that there are a whole array of slightly lesser-known uses for herbs, often including uses for other parts of the plant than the one most commonly considered!

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  1. I can’t live without my lavender essential oil…so many uses.

  2. Hi i do use lavemder essential oil for all my aches and pains,i just
    rub it on where ever i feel pain for headaches.sore muscles and
    many more,i just love the lavender oil,real execellent remedie

  3. Lavender oil helps against sleeplessness – I rub it on my wrists before going to bed, or put a few drops on a tissue, keeping this on my pillow.

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