Warning: Big Food Is Putting Nanometal Particles In Your Food Without Listing Them As Ingredients

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Big Food Is Putting Nanometal Particles In Food Without Listing Them As IngredientsPhoto – © Art Allianz – Fotolia.com (under license)

As if being a GMO lab rat wasn’t enough to be concerned about, now we have a new issue: Nanometals being used as food additives. The long term safety of ingesting these new hi-tech materials is simply not known.

Nanometals are microscopic particles of metal – typically under 100 nanometers across. These materials are part of a whole new field of science – nanotechnology – that has the potential to impact our world in a very big way. To give you some perspective on the size of nanoparticles, a human hair is 80,000 nanometers in diameter. Ok, you might be thinking – it’s ultra-fine powder… So what? Here’s the thing: Nanomaterials have substantially different properties (and risks) to their “normal sized” counterparts – because being so small, their surface-area-to-mass ratio is much, much higher. This means in general that their reactivity is much higher and their absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) coefficients in the body may be very different to those of “normal” materials. Increased absorption rate is regarded as the main concern associated with manufactured nanoparticles.

We’ve done some research and found a list of 96 common foods known to have nanometallic particles added to them right now. At the source there are also lists of supplement products and other manufactured items using nanomaterials. You should check the list and find out what these foods are. Some of them will surprise you. You can see the link at the foot of our article.

Few people are aware that these things are now being put in their food – because it’s not on the labeling! How is it that food product manufacturers can put substances of uncertain health consequences in food without having to tell us that they are in there?? Ask the FDA: Mother Jones just published a powerful piece on this topic and stated that the FDA acknowledges that their full effects are not certain but “has done nothing to slow down their rapid move into the food supply.” [1]

Are you ok about this? Do you think it is fine that companies can include this stuff and simply not inform the public? THIS STUFF IS NOT FOOD.

Why are things that are not food being put in food?

The reason (as if you can’t guess): It’s all about the money. These nanoparticles are NOT added in order to improve the nutritional quality of the food. They are added in order to increase “shelf appeal” factors such as the whiteness of white foods. Market research has shown that brightly colored foods catch the eye and therefore sell more, generating greater profits.

Here’s a thought for you: We should eat the food that our bodies are evolutionarily designed for.

It’s ironic that modern agribusiness sees itself as highly scientific, and “the rest of us” as luddites. This is in some ways a form of “convenient thinking” – because they are in fact ignoring one of the cornerstones of modern scientific thought – Evolution. Please consider this: Modern history is an eyeblink compared to the evolution of the human species. What is not being considered is that our “hardware” is not evolutionarily adapted to modern artificial food. It simply cannot evolve fast enough to keep pace with the pace of our meddling – which is being done for all the wrong reasons; namely, to make as much money as possible, irrespective of the long-term cost to our health.

Real food is known to be safe because it has been around for a very long time. Our bodies are fully acclimatized to a diet of fresh foods that came from nature. Now I’m not suggesting that we go back to hunting wild boar with spears, or anything like that. But what I am suggesting is that it is absolute insanity to introduce such profoundly artificial ingredients into the food supply. Their true effects will simply not be known for at least a generation. There is no way they can possibly be known! And further – they are not improving the actual food. This is not in any way a step in the right direction. How can it be? Once again, the monkey-meddler is opening Pandora’s box. Agriculture should never have been replaced with agribusiness – because the prime objective of food is health, not money.

We’ve done some research and located NanoTechProject’s list of 96 foods that are known to contain nanoparticles. These include very common foods that are consumed by the majority of people – and almost always without knowledge of what they are actually eating. Here’s the database: https://nanotechproject.org/cpi/browse/categories/food-and-beverage/food/

I’m alarmed to find that some of the foods on the list are things that I have been consuming. I want my food to contain food. Nothing else. What about you? I think it’s time to get that veggie garden in. Please comment and share.

Further reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanomaterials

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