10 Surprising Home Remedies For Skin Tags Plus Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Getting Them

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10 Surprising Home Remedies For Skin Tags Plus Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Getting ThemInfographic © herbshealthhappiness.com. Image sources: see foot of page

Acrochordons, or commonly known as skin tags, are actually small benign tumors which are usually brown or flesh in color. [1] A skin tag’s size could range from 2 mm to 5 cm in diameter and is usually pedunculated from the skin, making it look like a small, hanging balloon. Upon their formation, skin tags look like flattened pin-heads but could even grow to the size of a grape over time.

Skin tags are also a possible sign of impaired carbohydrate metabolism and diabetes mellitus type 2. Elevated blood sugar and insulin increase could also trigger the formation of skin tags. [1] It’s best to consult a dermatologist if skin tags occur to ensure a clean bill of health.

What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags can form between the folds and creases of the skin and can often be found within areas with frequent skin friction, such as the neck, armpits, stomach, and groin. They’re said to be bunches of collagen and blood vessels trapped inside thick bits of skin. [3]

Most people often confuse skin tags with warts, but their difference is easy to spot. Warts are skin infections caused by a virus, and could spread through sharing of garments and frequent skin contact; skin tags are simply just flesh protrusions from the skin and do not spread throughout the body or to other people. [4]

Who Can Get Skin Tags?

Males and females are equally prone to acquiring skin tags, although obese people and pregnant women are more likely to get them. This is because obese people tend to have more skin folds in their body, and pregnant women secrete hormones which heighten their chances of developing skin tags. [2]

Babies may also get skin tags especially if they are plump, and younger children may also develop skin tags under their eyelids or around the areas where they rub their eyes. Teenagers and adults may develop skin tags in their underarms due to shaving, friction, and clothes. [3]

10 Skin Tag Home Remedies:

Skin tags are harmless and painless, but they can become irritated – for example by shaving, friction from clothing, jewelry or eczema. You can consult a dermatologist on the best way to remove your skin tags, but alternatively, you may try these easy and simple home remedies. [5]

Tea Tree Oil. Skin tags are also an indication that your skin is too damp. Tea tree oil has strong antiseptic and germicidal properties which makes it a suitable remedy for skin tags. Use a cotton ball to apply tea tree oil on the skin tags thrice a day, every day. If you have sensitive skin, you may dilute the tea tree oil in water before applying.

Castor Oil. Just like the tea tree oil, castor oil also makes for an excellent skin tag remedy. Apply castor oil on a cotton boil and dab it on the skin tags, or rub it directly on the affected parts. Try: Gio Naturals Certified Organic Castor Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar. Due to its astringent and disinfecting properties, using apple cider vinegar destroys the skin tag tissues while keeping your skin free from bacteria. Dip a cotton ball to the vinegar and apply on the skin tags. Try: Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Lemon Juice. The citric acid in lemon juice helps decompose the cells in the skin tags, and constant application can speed up its removal.

Banana Peel. Don’t throw your banana peels away immediately – the peel also helps in removing skin tags. Cut a small piece of the peel and place it on the skin tag so the inner portion faces the affected part, then wrap it firmly with a bandage. Repeat this every night until the skin tag detaches.

Garlic. The antibacterial properties of garlic kill bacteria while effectively removing the skin tag. Make a paste out of fresh garlic cloves by crushing it, and then apply it generously on the skin tag. Cover it up with a bandage and leave it on overnight. Repeat this every night until the skin tag falls off.

Aloe Vera Gel. If you experience pain around the skin tag, applying Aloe Vera gel on the affected part can heal the skin and prevent the recurrence of the skin tag.

Nail Polish. To remove the skin tag using nail polish, clean the surrounding skin first by washing it with lukewarm water. Place a drop of nail polish on the skin tag and make sure that it is completely covered. Wait for the nail polish to dry before rubbing it. Repeat this twice daily until the skin tag falls off. [6]

Dental Floss. Before doing this method, make sure that the floss is clean to avoid infection. Make a tight knot around the skin tag so it penetrates and removes the skin tag quickly. [6]

Duct Tape. Removing skin tags quickly and fuss-free can be done by using duct tape since it is extremely sticky. Cut a piece of duct tape, making sure that the skin tag is completely covered. Then wait for the tape to loosen or fall on its own, and check if the skin tag has attached itself to the duct tape. [6]


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