12 Unusual Uses For Sugar Without Eating It

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12 Unusual Uses For Sugar Without Eating ItPhoto – © triphka – Fotolia.com (under license)

Back in 1999 I was a lot more “normal” with regard to my eating habits. And that includes sugar. One day, we were having a small gathering round at the seaside apartment I lived at, and a friend of mine stated “I’ve given up sugar.”

I’m afraid I must have looked at him as though he was slightly mad. Give up sugar? Why would anyone even consider doing such a thing? (It’s fascinating to me now, and a little scary, looking back at just how oblivious we were regarding nutrition in “mainstream culture”, in those days.)

So I asked him why he had given up sugar.

He answered “Have you read Terence McKenna’s book ‘Food Of The Gods‘?” I replied that I had not. He went on to explain how sugar was not the great and glorious thing that we considered it to be, and that it was in fact an addictive drug – as well as potentially very harmful to the body.

To cut a long story short, I ended up borrowing this radical (and now very highly regarded) book – and reading, to my absolute astonishment, the whole “dark story” of sugar.

Shortly afterwards, I gave up sugar.

What was most interesting was that I really did notice a subtle-yet-definite shift inside myself in the way I felt. A good shift. I felt clearer, lighter, healthier. Less toxic. The shock came when, some time later, I decided to eat something with sugar in it, after having been “clean” for a long time. The “sugar rush” was so noticeable – sickly, intense and quite unpleasant.

Had I really been doing this to myself, obliviously, all those years? Indeed I had – along with practically everyone else I knew.

The other great thing about giving up sugar is that I don’t have any issues with weight gain (giving up alcohol and meat entirely also may play a part in this too). My metabolism is great – and at 41 I still have a totally flat stomach. Thanks, Glen, for changing my life that day.

I just discovered a fascinating page over at Eco Salon which lists 12 Unusual Ways To Use Sugar. Some of these are fantastic; I think my fav has to be the one about keeping bread fresh for longer. That I simply must try.

Ok here is the link to the original list: https://ecosalon.com/12-unusual-ways-to-use-sugar-without-eating-it/

Have you considered giving up sugar? Would you dare? Got any other tips? Please let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments. 🙂

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