How To Make Your Own Natural Headache Balm

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As some of you may know, there has been some controversy lately over the safety pharmaceutical headache remedies, with the BBC reporting that they may in fact be causing “millions of headaches” and setting up a “vicious cycle” of painkiller use.

There are the other potential side effects, too. I know all about this: I can’t take Ibuprofen as it leads to internal bleeding, even if I only use a small amount! It’s also well known that some of these substances can be taxing to the liver and kidneys.

It really helps to have some alternative options to try. Our good friends at Everyday Roots have done it again, and come up with a fantastic balm that uses 100% natural ingredients.

We have also featured a couple of posts in the past all about natural headache remedies – and although their titles are similar, these are in fact completely different pages with numerous different remedies listed:

18 Natural Remedies For Headaches

19 Homemade Headache Remedies

We also have a page on herbs for migraines if you are interested in more:

Ok here is the link to the full Natural Headache Balm tutorial:

Do you have any other tips and natural headache remedies to share? Please let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments. 🙂

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  • By Chava, October 15, 2013 @ 1:57 am

    I always apply Clary Sage oil to my temples and around my nose for headache relief.

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