16 Home Remedies For Cold Sores

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Cold sores – those blasted things – are caused by the Herpes Simplex virus, a very widespread malady that is commonly stated to be incurable. The current medical paradigm is that once you have Herpes, there’s no getting rid of it – and the best you can do is to manage the occurrence and severity of outbreaks.

We found a great tutorial over at Everyday Roots which lists 16 Home Remedies For Cold Sores. These are great – but I have four more to add.

1. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Using a cotton bud, dab a tiny spot of tea tree right onto the outbreak. Note that it’s typically advised to dilute the tea tree prior to use (olive oil, coconut oil or similar is fine) – though to be honest (although I cannot recommend it officially), I have used neat tea tree in this way numerous times and appear to be none the worse for wear. If you can apply tea tree in the earliest possible stages of the outbreak, you may be able to get it to go away before it really takes hold.

2. L-lysine Supplementation / L-arginine Limitation

L-lysine supplementation is considered valuable in preventing outbreaks. It is also thought that if taken at the first sign of the characteristic “tingling” that signifies the beginning of an outbreak, it may nip it in the bud or speed up the healing process. The converse of this is also true – an imbalance of too much arginine and too little lysine is thought to be a possible trigger for outbreaks, so you may wish to look up a list of foods high in arginine and lower your intake of these (sensibly of course).

3. Colloidal Silver

Some are claiming that this can nip an outbreak in the bud, I haven’t tried it.

4. Reishi

A tip of the hat to those of you who noticed my use of the phrase “current medical paradigm” earlier on in this article. Now, why am I using phrases such as “current medical paradigm”? It’s because I don’t believe that Herpes is incurable. It is merely considered incurable according to the standard medical system of the day (which many people regard as being about as full of holes as a swiss cheese!) It is important to make distinctions between what we know as fact, and what we think we know, or have been led to believe.

My personal opinion is that Herpes may be curable by the use of Reishi tincture. Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is a strange fungus that has been prized in Chinese medicine since ancient times. It is considered strongly antiviral and thought to give great support to the immune system.

And how, you may ask, did I come to this opinion? It’s because I used to get cold sores, and since taking a course of Reishi, have not had a single outbreak in at least six months. We’ll see how long it lasts – but so far so good. Reishi is good for all sorts of other things too and worth learning about (check out our page, linked above, for a full report on Reishi).

For those who want to get even more cosmic – how about this for an idea: Do you think it possible that we have a symbiotic relationship with the plant – and its medicinal effects can be altered by what we “ask” it to do? Now that’s the kind of research I would like to see. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ok here is the link to the original 16 cold sore remedies tutorial:


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14 thoughts on “16 Home Remedies For Cold Sores

  1. Interesting. Will have to do some more research. I still get cold sores although while I used to get them very frequently, I now only get them at most once a year. I think this has largely to do with change of diet, removing toxins from inside and outside, sleeping well, lowering stress levels. I definitely recommend l-lysine and tea tree oil. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. L-lysine supplementation does work to also reduce severity and duration when taken at first sign of sore. I use this and it was recommended by a pharmisist many years ago.

    Two thumbs up for L-lysine

  3. I use a drop of lavender on mine and it works a treat! Also, when I was taking Kombucha daily I didn’t have any outbreaks at all and I hardy ever get them now.

    1. Nice! Thanks for your tips Lyds and for adding extra value to this page ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have been taking pure, organic medicinal mushrooms for 15 months. Particularly the reishi/lingzhi mushroom. It has made such great differences in my health and general “feel goodness”. I am a different person today than I was 15 months ago. It’s been exciting to study and learn all that I have about the health benefits of mushrooms.

    Thank you for this article. I love it.

  5. Bee propolis will also shorten the duration to about 4 days. I cannot use undiluted tea tree on my skin- it gives me an eczema type rash, so maybe some people are sensitive to it.

  6. Cool Mint Listerine is the ONLY thing that works for me … one rinse numbs the pain … within a day or two, all gone … when I use it regularly, they don’t come back … found this quite by accident when I had a months-long outbreak that NOTHING could get rid of, Listerine did. It does have to be the Cool Mint (with alcohol), the other kinds of Listerine don’t work (at least for me).

  7. P.S. – This works for the cold sores inside the mouth. I’ve never gotten the ones on the lips or outside of the mouth.

  8. I had cold sores so badly that I continually suffered from them for over 6 years. I could not get any anti-virals from my GP. I was in a cycle with the virus and eventually I found that the combination of Cats Claw and Lysine worked. I still get out breaks from time to time around 3 times a year as I don’t take this combo regularly any more. It was the only thing that worked at the time.

  9. Lysine only works if you take it daily. Try adding 500 mg to your daily vitamin intake. The veggie or gel caps in free form are the most effective. It’s good for the immune system anyway.
    Red Marine Algae in the gelcap form works great too. Taken with Lysine daily is helpful. Hard to find this though.
    Propolis tincture is also effective. Smells pretty bad and is sticky, but it will relieve you of the pain and shorten the time span of it.

  10. I started taking 2 capsules of lemon balm every night before bed. IIts been about 9 months now and not one cold sore since (knock on wood).

  11. I make a salve with coconut oil and fresh lemon balm (an excellent anti-viral). The main thing to remember is that the medicinal properties are found in the volatile oils which evaporate quickly. So They need to be cooked in the coconut oil on a relatively low heat with a tight lid on the pan. when you are ready to pull it off the heat, leave the lid on until the oil cools and shake the condensation on the underside of the lid back into the oil and mix it in. I have made it for people who say it works better than commercial store-bought remedies that start with ‘a’. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Myrrh Gum sold in health food stores i the best medicine I have found for cold sores and canker sores inside the mouth Two of my grandchildren suffer from canker sores, a drop on a Q tip applied to the affected area usually two treatments heals these painful sores.

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