3 Day Pickles Recipe

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3 Day Pickles Recipe
Image – Naturehacks.com

Here’s a great little tutorial that we couldn’t resist…. an easy recipe for making your own pickles! You know that if you make it yourself there’s a good chance that it’s going to be even better than the ones you buy ready-made. This is simple and fun… and you’ll end up with your own delicious treats at the end of it. Note also that this recipe contains no sugar which is great news if you are trying to eat healthily (why is it that so many “savory” packaged foods add sugar nowadays? Not good.)

We also did a little homework (you know how we roll!) and it turns out that there are some great health benefits reported for pickles – though to be fair these are associated more with fermented pickles that are made with a different (and longer) process. Did you know that the cultures found in traditional fermented pickles function in a similar manner to those found in yogurt – assisting with digestion, supporting healthy flora and attacking the “bad bacteria” in the stomach? [1]

There’s more – the natural fermentation has been found to assist with absorption of minerals from the vegetables. And a study in the prestigious Lancet medical journal reported that there was a positive correlation between the consumption of naturally fermented vegetables and low incidence of asthma, skin conditions and autoimmune disorders.

Note that the “quick pickling” process is reported less likely to create the nutritional changes associated with fermentation. [2]
Ok here is the link to the original recipe: https://naturehacks.com/natural-food/3-day-pickles-recipe/

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  1. I am now your follower because you used the word “healthily” in proper context! As far as I’m concerned, this indicates the food choices you have made are supporting optimum brain function.
    Thank you for all the informative postings.
    Lucia D’Angelo

  2. I would like the longer recipie if it is more beneficialand uses no sugar

  3. lactofermented pickles are what you are looking for, monica. lotsa websites and i’m sure youtube videos to find the recipes. basically cukes, sea salt, water and other optional spices (onion, garlic, dill, etc).

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