Essential Oil Treatments For Swollen Ankles, Legs and Feet

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Essential Oils For Swollen Ankles, Legs and Feet
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We just found a fantastic tutorial for two great methods of dealing with swollen ankles using essential oils! The first method involves creating an oil blend with a base oil for massage.
This sounds great – but it was the second method that really caught our eye. It involves making your own foot spa using the essential oils, hot water and (this part is amazing) adding smooth pebbles to the bowl, so that you can roll your feet over the stones and get a kind of reflexology massage! They even included a nice foot chart so you can explore the ancient art of pressing on the various pressure points! 🙂
It really is possible to pamper yourself in style with the right knowledge and some simple techniques. I’m so ready for one of these foot baths right now, even though I don’t have swollen ankles! Ok here is the link to the easy tutorial and the essential oils required:
ps. Note that if you experience sudden, unexpected swelling of the ankles (i.e. not associated with known injury) it could be an indication of an underlying health condition that should most definitely be checked out by a physician.
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39 thoughts on “Essential Oil Treatments For Swollen Ankles, Legs and Feet

  1. I am highly allergic to all perfumes and many natural scents. Can you tell me what the essential oils are made from other than the natural item itself?

  2. Thank you so much for your page on healing herbs, there is so much positive information in it. With useful benefits to try.

  3. My family is on an extreme health quest, to say the least. These herbs, spices, and essential oils are helping improve our general health.
    I will use these oils and the stones on my dear and aging mother’s feet to help quell her inflammation.
    Thank you.

  4. How long after initial treatment can we expect to see visible results? My husband is less than patient. Lol.

  5. Thank you for the resourceful information to help me with my swollen feet and ankles.

  6. There’s only one treatment for swollen ankles and thats compression hose. I know…I have them. Its lovely to have massage oils etc but if you really want to manage it get the stockings!

  7. I have been to the Dr. to have my swollen legs looked at,even had MRI done they have found no cause for the swelling,hope this helps.


  9. recently traveled and for 2 weeks my feet/ankles remained swollen. needless to say my only fashion footwear were flats.
    I have self diagnosed that I no longer have a tolerance for high salt. so since I have returned, I am very attentive to salt intake. Internal water elimination is necessary for fluid retention.. lasik was the immediate remedy… also all the natural topical therapies are helpful

  10. the picture on the right clearly shows someone with an underlying medical condition and not the typical swelling that comes by the end of the day. Perhaps changing the photo to show typical swelling might be safer for those that think they can treat their own edema.

  11. Do you perhaps have any remedy for swollen eyelids and baggy eyes? Tried cucumber, teabags etc, dont help.

  12. My mother wears a pacemaker and has an ankle swollen on the outside. The gp can find no apparent reason, can i use the oil massage, or is there a possibility of a clot?
    She is 94 and her ankles generally have a little swelling, but not like this one.

  13. Subclinical hypothyroidism … that’s also a big factor in fluid retention. If you have; fluid retention, regular constipation, often tired, irregular menstrual cycles etc. I would urge you to consult an MD practicing integrative medicine.

  14. Wearing a slight platform heel (1″) rubber slipper helps in case of sprained ankle. My mother who had a fall while in her late sixties was cured by this simple technique.

  15. The doctors don’t seem to think this is a problem…if it is, I hope it’s quick and painless… ::shrugs::


  17. If you have swollen feet or legs, get checked by a doctor. It can be a sign of heart failure. Even if it’s nothing serious, fluid buildup in your legs can cause blood clots and lead to a pulmonary embolism. Seriously, if your feet have been swollen for more than a day or two, see a doctor.

  18. Adam is right, I had the swollen feet, ankles and legs. Inadvertently, I had gone through life thinking I had eaten something salty.. until I had to make that 911 call for a tight chest. Paramedics scooped me up and took me to the ER. I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. My fluids had backed up so much, my heart was drowning..

  19. Jeanette , The Young Living Oils by Gary young are all natural no added . Also has blends of different oils . Also many more products . You could check there web page and get a catalog . Some of them just take one drop like Thieves which will stop a sore throat . They cost but go a long ways . Also another good Company is Abundant Health i think . You can also take most of Gary’s oral are can disfuce are rub on . I reallly enjoy using them and know they work .
    I was a representative for awhile till i couldn’t get out . Need to see if my # will still work . He moved his clinic to Ecudor after to much hassel when he had it set up in Utah . You should see the Lavendar fields in Mona Utah when they bloom .He also has more in North Idaho .

  20. I hve a bypass operation for the fast 5 yrs,since the operation was succesfully done,it leaves to me a swollen ankles and legs,i wanna give it try,

  21. You have to find the CAUSE of swelling which is actually the body holding on to water because it is DEHYDRATED!
    See Robert Morse ND on youtube and some of my natural health sources in my “about” on facebook, if you like! Just search my full name 🙂 !

  22. This sounds like a wonderful treatment, however, I highly suggest to anybody out there to run this by your GP before trying, if you have any medical issues. I took a pharmacology class, and you would be astounded to see which combinations of medications, natural remedies and even foods, can cause strange side effects, interactions and toxicities. The teacher was fond of saying that EVERYTHING you put in or on your body causes some type of reaction. Sugar causes blood glucose to rise, salt causes blood pressure to increase, and even a little less water can cause dehydration, etc. So please use caution. Just because it is natural doesn’t mean it won’t interact with something else. Arsenic is a natural product. Just sayin’

  23. I have also had a bypass operation 4 1/2 yrs ago,since the operation ,it leaves to me with swollen ankles and legs,I want to give it try as well.

  24. I was amazed! On your article I ordered this essential oil Cypress and had hopes it would help my legs and ankles. It does to some degree if used regularly… but what amazed me was better! I have arthritis in my right knee mostly. So I put some of the oil on it too. Within a couple of days the tight swelling in my knee went down allowing it to bend it completely for the first time in over a year! It’s on my list now for “Essential” Essential Oils. Thanks!

  25. Something else, I have been to the doctors and yes they don’t even notice my feet and legs. My heart is fine. The doctor looked at my blood work and said you are fine, come back in 6 months and bookkeeping is right down that hall. I have known for years that my lower back has a spiral to it and the nerve compression can keep the signal to pump blood can be lost… I swell all day and am up all night to eliminate the excess fluids. Try sleeping with legs elevated. Helps a lot.

  26. be sure to read the ps about seeing Dr for swelling. Some cases
    of swelling can not be treated but all swelling is related to
    a problem going on inside the body. No topical oils or anything else
    can affect or treat these problems. Don’t be fooled and don’t
    put off a doctor visit to determine if any foot or leg swelling is
    significant medically.

  27. Swelling of the feet and ankles comes from the body being overly acidic. Make the body alkaline by squeezing 1 whole lemon into spring or distilled water. Drink every morning. During the day eat mostly fruits, vegetables , smoothies, and juicing. You will see the swelling go down tremendously so that you can see your ankle bone. Rubbing something topically will not do the job.

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