91 Amazing Uses For Salt

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91 Amazing Uses For Salt
91 Amazing Uses For Salt. Graphic © herbshealthhappiness.com. Photo – © shutterstock.com (under license)

Today’s discovery is another one of those “mother ship” lists – and must surely be the ultimate list of ways to use salt.

Salt is sodium chloride – and needs little introduction. Used as a fascinating example of the wonders of chemistry, salt is a compound of two things about as unlike salt as could be: Sodium is a highly reactive metal that can be cut with a knife and goes crazy when it comes into contact with water. Chlorine is a highly poisonous green gas. Yet in combination, they make the white crystalline solid which is used by all. Isn’t it a fascinating world?

Most people use salt in the kitchen / at the dining table as a flavor enhancer. However, as you are about to find out – salt has not only a whole host of other kitchen uses, but an astonishing number of uses in cleaning anything from piano keys to fish tanks. And then there are a load more uses in the arena of health and beauty.

Special mention goes to the use of salt as a patio weedkiller – thus avoiding the necessity for use of roundup – which has come under great suspicion of late. Be very careful not to apply the salt in a way that will cause it to run into other areas of the garden when it rains – as it can finish off other plants.

One last note – high salt intake has come under fire for its health risk of creating increased blood pressure. So go gently with it! Don’t put it on everything. However, a little salt is essential to all animal life.

Here is the link to the full list of uses for salt:


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