How To Make A Cooling Peppermint And Aloe Vera Foot Mist

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How To Make A Cooling Peppermint Foot Mist
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If you’re on your feet a lot, especially in hot weather, then you’ll appreciate this all-natural cooling peppermint, aloe vera and tea-tree foot mist recipe that we discovered! And did you know that one way to apply essential oils for healing is on the soles of the feet? You’ll get the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils too!


Peppermint has been widely utilized for its medicinal and therapeutic effects since ancient times. Noted for its strong, minty and fresh aroma, peppermint essential oil is considered to have soothing and refereshing properties. In addition to its ability to improve concentration and alertness, peppermint is claimed to be effective in reducing apathy, headache, migraine, anxiety, stress, depression and emotional irritation. If you’ve been on your feet for a very long day, peppermint oil offers immediate relief. It helps in soothing and invigorating tired, dry and cracked feet.

Tea Tree Oil

For overworked feet, tea tree oil really makes a great relief. Tea tree oil is known for its cooling and refreshing effects that help revive tired and overworked feet. When feet are soaked into warm water dropped with tea tree oil, it helps in relaxing and soothing the feet.

Tea tree oil has long history of medicinal uses. This oil is known to contain powerful substances that have been found to have antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties.

Aloe Vera

Best known for its ability to treat a wide range of skin ailments and infections, aloe vera also makes an excellent component in making an effective and soothing foot mist. Believed to have originated from Northern Africa, aloe vera has been indicated by several studies to possess healing, moisturizing, softening, rejuvenating, and soothing effects to the skin. Research also shows that this succulent plant contains compound saponin that is known for its anti-microbial effects. In addition to its ability to sooth athlete’s foot symptoms, aloe vera can also be used to relieve canker sores, burns and dry, itchy feet. Aloe vera contains vitamins, minerals and 18 amino acids that may offer soothing effects to tired and overworked feet. These nutrients also contribute to the effective and faster healing of damaged skin.

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