How To Make Ginger Water For Nausea, Colds, Vertigo, Heartburn, etc.

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How To Make Ginger Water For Nausea, Colds, Vertigo, Heartburn, etc.
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Spicy, pungent, and aromatic; ginger is embraced by different cultures around the world for its culinary properties. But that’s not all that makes the underground rhizome of the ginger plant a dietary addition. Various studies claim that ginger has wide-reaching health properties, including relief for nausea, colds, vertigo, and heartburn, to name a few. And what better way to enjoy the spicy and medicinal appeal of ginger than preparing a ginger water concoction?

Ginger Water DIY Recipe


• Fresh ginger root: 1-2 inches
• Lemon: 1/2 a slice
• Honey
• Boiled water: 2-3 cups

Preparation Instructions:

• Grate the fresh ginger root
• Add the grated ginger into the hot water and allow it to boil/steam
• Squeezing the slice of lemon into the mix, and leave it for 5-10 minutes
• Add raw honey to sweeten, if necessary
• Strain the liquid to remove the grated ginger, lemon seeds, and other particles
• Drink hot or allow the ginger water to cook
• Sip the healthy concoction throughout the day to reap its full benefits and refreshing taste

6 Health Benefits Of Ginger Water

Nausea: One of the most documented health benefits of ginger is its ability to reduce the feeling of nausea. For example, a 2015 review [1] analyzed the research methods and findings of nine scientific studies revolving around the use of ginger as a remedy morning sickness, viral nausea, chemotherapy-related nausea, and postoperative nausea. All the reviewed studies supported the effectiveness of ginger as a remedy for nausea.

Colds: According to a study [2] appearing in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, ginger may help improve the recovery time, alleviate symptoms, and reduce incidences of colds. This is facilitated by its ability to boost the immune system and help kill viruses.

Heartburn and Other Stomach Issues: Troubled by acid reflux and gastrointestinal irritation? Research[3] claims that ginger can soothe your digestive system – thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Blood Sugar: In a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial [4], the scientists concluded that ginger plays a role in “alleviating the risk of some chronic complications of diabetes.” Specifically, people who took ginger supplements recorded a significant reduction in fasting blood sugar in comparison to a placebo. This makes ginger water a possible remedy to help alleviate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

Vertigo: Although vertigo is often a symptom of a larger underlying problem, it possesses a significant risk nonetheless. For example, getting dizzy while crossing the road can cause severe harm. Luckily, some studies [5] show that ginger is an effective remedy for vertigo.

Cholesterol: The typical 21st Century lifestyle is characterized by high LDL “bad” cholesterol levels that are serious health risks. But according to an animal study [6] published in the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies, ginger may help regulate the levels of cholesterol. However, further studies are necessary to determine its effects on humans.


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