How To Treat Acne & Several Other Skin Conditions With Banana Peels

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How To Treat Acne And Other Skin Conditions With Banana Peels
How To Treat Acne & Several Other Skin Conditions With Banana Peels. Graphic © Banana photo © AdobeStock #48272702 (under license)

Acne, acne scars, bug bites, poison ivy, warts, hemorrhoids, fine lines and wrinkles, psoriasis…… all this from a humble banana skin? You’ve got to love it. This surely has to go down as one of the truly essential “who knew?” natural remedies that has been right under our noses the whole time! Link to the full tutorial is under my commentary as per usual.

Judging by the numerous comments that appear under the original article, this actually looks like it might work. Yes, I had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t posted on April 1st – but here’s the thing: It turns out that banana peels are packed full of essential nutrients that really can benefit the skin – such as antioxidants, lutein (may protect against sun damage) and esterified fatty acids – which are thought to be able to treat eczema and psoriasis and have even been used in skin product formulations!

Not only this, but you are saving a ton of money as compared to pills and creams – not to mention the fact that you are avoiding burdening the body with even more chemicals that it has to deal with. I don’t know about you, but I feel as though I have exceeded my lifetime’s quota of “toxic soup” and it’s part of my agenda to avoid it wherever possible!

Don’t you just love the fact that the simple treasures of life – such as bananas, coconuts and honey – are making a comeback and (so it seems to me) winning against chemicals when it comes to health? Are you surprised? The natural way makes perfect sense to me. 🙂

So, how do you do use the good ole’ banana skins to help your skin? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Here’s the link to the full tutorial:

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We’d love to hear how you get on – let us know either in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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14 thoughts on “How To Treat Acne & Several Other Skin Conditions With Banana Peels

  1. Hi my granddaughter has eczema going down her whole arm, she has had this since she was born, she is 12 now. She is part Mexican & her skin is a dark brown. This has left a white scarring. Do u think the banana peel will work & if so how long to leave it on for, do u rub until the inside of the banana skin is brown, how many times a day to apply or can u suggest something else. Please email me ur response.

  2. what can some one with Eczema skin problem get over it? she has taken drugs and skin creams but no results,There are also this problem of Asthma can you please send me the remedies ?
    George Amoah.

  3. I love this page ,I am looking for the post about the mouthwash that removes hard skin, Anyone point me the right direction pleaseX

  4. I use to have 4 warts on my hands when I was little and got rid of the completely by using banana peels.

  5. i also used banana peel on my face specially when i have an acne and It is so will dry for 3 days.

  6. I want to share my personal experience that banana peel is also effective in treating freckles. I was having freckles on my cheeks and i rubbed banana peel on those freckles at night and leave it on the whole night, wash it in the morning with plane water and with in a week everyone noticed that the freckles were faded away. Do give it a try.

  7. I am so excited to read this info concerning banana peels which is now a confirmation of what I have experienced. Out of my own I used the inside of the banana peel on a sore/growth on my right hand between thumb & forefinger. It would have needed a Dermatologist but is now totally gone. Also, rubbing it on mosquito bites relieved the itch. Each time I eat a banana I rub it on my face, hands, neck and leave it on till I go and bath. I have seen the results.

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