If You Really Think The Environment Is Less Important Than The Economy

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If You Really Think The Environment Is Less Important Than The Economy
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While the world focuses on ‘virus issues’, I have noticed a huge amount of litter in the countryside lately. Whether this is from a lack of staff to clear it up, or from an increased carelessness, I am not sure. But it is despicable and completely unnecessary. Who are these people?? Avoid Littering! There is simply no excuse for it other than pure disrespect. But litter is more than just ugliness, it causes harm to wildlife.

Here are a few further simple tips. Just play a part. Do something. If we all just stepped up and played a part, we could solve this problem.

Plant Trees: Trees contribute to purifying the air around us and help in climate control. Greenhouse gases have poisoned the air and have led to the depletion of the protective ozone layer. Trees emit oxygen in the environment that reduces the level of greenhouse gases.

Avoid Plastic Usage: Plastics are a non-biodegradable substance that does not decompose, but instead breaks into smaller and smaller pieces called microplastics due to the action of air, water, and heat. [1]. Plastics in the environment cause great damage to marine life and birds and microplastics end up back in the food chain where they will come full circle and be eaten by us! Plastic is, quite simply, a disaster and it would be ideal if its use could be banned and it be replaced with less harmful materials, I doubt that this will happen though because idiot politicians don’t really care about anything they are not being paid by lobbyists to push on the public.

Go Solar: Coal and petroleum, two main sources of energy have notorious effects of air pollution. Coal burning also releases mercury which ends up migrating through the food chain and into large fish such as tuna and swordfish, which must now only be consumed in smaller quantities in order to avoid mercury overexposure.

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More Tips – 40 Ways To Go Greener At Home: http://off-grid.info/blog/40-ways-to-go-greener-at-home/


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