If The Bee Disappears From The Surface Of The Earth…

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If The Bee Disappears From The Surface Of The Earth
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The Importance Of Bees:

Pollination Work Of Bees: Bees are vital for the preservation of the ecosystem as they help keep ecological balance and biodiversity in nature. They provide one of the most important ecological services: Pollination, which makes food production possible. [1] Bees make excellent pollinators as they collect pollen, a source of protein that they feed to their offspring. Bees collect pollen from the flowers through electrostatic force and attach to the hair on their bodies and transfer to another flower. Bees account for 90-95 % of all insect pollination. [2] By pollination, they perform a vital function which allows the ecosystem and plant species to propagate. They also contribute to the genetic and biotic diversity of plant species.

Wildlife Habitats: Many people forget that forest trees require pollination in order for fertile seeds to be produced. Bees, in their role as pollinators, thus play a vital role in forest growth – including both tropical and temperate forests. Many tree species – for example willows and poplars – depend on bees for pollination. Not only wild environments but backyard gardens, which serve as the home for many birds and insects, require the pollination of plants for their survival.

Biodiversity: Bees make an essential contribution to biodiversity, due to their work as pollinators. [3] Pollination enables the propagation of trees and diverse other plant species. Plants in turn then function as habitats for animal life. The contribution bees make to complex ecosystems is enormous and without them it is likely that very many other species might become extinct.

Food Source: Bees produce honey to feed their colonies during cold winter. Humans as well as raccoons, opossums, and other insects also use it as a food source.

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Here’s something you CAN do to help… plant bee-friendly plants!

Top 10 Plants To Encourage Bees To Your Garden: http://off-grid.info/blog/top-10-plants-to-encourage-bees-to-your-garden/

16 oz Of Honey Requires 1152 Bees To Travel 112,000 Miles: http://herbshealthhappiness.com/16-oz-of-honey-requires-1152-bees-to-travel-112000-miles/


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