List Of 50 Essential Oils With Free In-Depth Guide To Each Oil

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Free Guide To Essential Oils
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Welcome to our giant free guide essential oils! We now have full pages for the top 50 most popular (according to web traffic research) essential oils.

Each page has a detailed report on each essential oil, including general description, common uses and reported benefits, scientific studies, molecular components, contraindications and safety notes.

Here are the “Top 50” essential oils we have created reports for so far:

Agarwood essential oil
Amber essential oil
Basil essential oil
Bergamot essential oil
Black Pepper essential oil

Carrot Seed essential oil
Cedarwood essential oil
Chamomile essential oil
Cinnamon essential oil
Citronella essential oil

Clary Sage essential oil
Clove essential oil
Costus essential oil
Cypress essential oil
Eucalyptus essential oil

Frankincense essential oil
Gardenia essential oil
Geranium essential oil
Ginger essential oil
Grapefruit essential oil

Helichrysum essential oil
Jasmine essential oil
Lavender essential oil
Lemon Balm essential oil
Lemon essential oil

Lemongrass essential oil
Lime essential oil
Marjoram essential oil
Myrrh essential oil
Neroli essential oil

Niaouli essential oil
Orange essential oil
Oregano essential oil
Patchouli essential oil
Peppermint essential oil

Petitgrain essential oil
Pine essential oil
Rose essential oil
Rose Geranium essential oil
Rosemary essential oil

Rosewood essential oil
Sage essential oil
Sandalwood essential oil
Spikenard essential oil
Tea Tree essential oil

Thyme essential oil
Tuberose essential oil
Vanilla essential oil
Vetiver essential oil
Ylang Ylang essential oil

Safety Notes

Essential oils should not be taken internally and should typically be diluted before skin application. Listings of potential benefits of essential oils are based on scientific studies – we are not making any medicinal claims. Our free guides are for general information and not to be considered as medical advice. Consult your physician before using alternative therapies; this is especially important if pregnant, taking medications or if you have health conditions. For more info on essential oil safety please see Robert Tisserand’s authoritative Essential Oil Safety: A Guide For Health Care Professionals. None of the contents of this website are medical advice. Please also see our medical disclaimer at the foot of each page.

Copyright Note

This guide is our original work and is the copyrighted intellectual property of herbshealthhappiness. It is free for personal use – you can link to it, share it on Facebook, print out a copy for your own use…. but please DO NOT repost our work on other websites or blogs, or distribute unlicensed copies, otherwise we will come after you – and we do! Especially please do not steal our infographics. Please respect the amount of work and cost that has gone into making this guide and making it available to all for 100% free use. Thanks and enjoy!

What Are Essential Oils?

By definition, and essential oil is “a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants.” [1]

Essential oils are the concentrated essences (hence the name) derived from herbs and spices. The volatile aromatic compounds give them their inherent aroma, as well as their intrinsic medicinal properties. Essential oils may be derived by various methods – including distillation of various kinds.

Contrary to popular belief, essential oils are not synthetic substances that are employed to add scent to an item. While there are synthetic oils that imitate the scent of true essential oils, these typically do not possess the potent properties inherent in authentic essential oils and are typically considered inferior with regard to any therapeutic benefits. Synthetic imitations are considered potentially hazardous if employed therapeutically, making it doubly important to discern which ‘essential oils’ found in the market are real and which ones only boast of the name.

The use of essential oils has existed since time immemorial, although due to the restrictions of available technology, obtaining essential oils in olden days was in some cases very laborious, and the resulting products often very costly.

What are essential oils used for?

Essential oils are used for a wide array of different things, although the earliest and most common use of essential oils was as a type of perfume. Essential oils are very potent, and in many cases mildly to severely allergenic, and as such, it has to be diluted with a carrier oil. Once a major commodity in the perfume industry essential oils were blended with base oils and other essential oils to make enticing perfumes.

In the medical world, essential oils were employed chiefly as an addition to salves, balms, creams, butters, and oils since its concentrated nature allowed it to be effectively used as a substitute for copious amounts of fresh or dried herbs. Because essential oils are technically speaking the essence or active compound of an herb, it therefore possessed the most potent healing capacity – making even minute amounts of the oil integrated into a medicated salve, oil, or balm equivalent to macerating or infusing a large amount of herbs.

The most common use for essential oils nowadays is as a therapeutic substance employed for aromatherapy. While this is nevertheless in the line of perfumery, the demand for essential oils used solely for the purpose of aromatherapy, regardless of the chosen medium of use, has made it among the most popular commodities in the alternative medicine area. Totaling its many uses, essential oils have been employed in the creation of everything from perfumes, oils, candles, soaps, medicines, and nearly every possible cosmetic commodity. Due to this astounding demand, synthetic essential oils have been created to help meet the requirement for scents, making it cheaper and more affordable for the masses. However, as a rule of thumb, whenever you intend to use essential oils for medicinal purposes, always choose organic, certified pure essential oils.

What are essential oils made of?

Essential oils are really a cocktail of volatile substances and essences that comprise its body, its aroma, and even its medicinal actions. The composition of an essential oil varies depending upon its source plant, as well as the method of extraction employed to obtain the oil.

How are essential oils made?

Essential oils are present in nearly every organic herb or spice in the world, with some possessing far more concentrated or medically viable amounts than others. The making of essential oils have come a long way from often primitive methods that involved slow and time-consuming infusion, maceration, or enfleurage (the practice of placing herbal matter in tallow or beeswax to extract its essences; commonly employed in traditional perfumery).

In modern times, various methods are used to extract essential oils, depending on which plant is being extracted, scale of operations and budget.

With the advent of technology, the extraction of essential oils from herbs and spices has become a science, especially with the introduction of CO2 extraction, steam distillation (the most commonly employed means of extracting essential oils) and cold pressing (more often performed to extract oils from seeds and bark, more so than in leaves or petals).

Still more methods of extracting essential oils exist, although the most common means that yields the most essential oils is steam distillation.
See our full article: How To Make Essential Oils



Main article researched and created by Alexander Leonhardt,

List Of Essential Oils

Note that you can ultimately make an essential oil from virtually any plant – and then of course you have the choice of whether to use roots, flowers, seeds, leaves or stems!

So the true number of possible essential oils is orders of magnitude larger than what you will see anywhere. Here is a random list of 250 more essential oils / plant oils that you might see, arranged alphabetically. If you see any we have missed, let us know!

ajowan seed essential oil
allspice essential oil
almond essential oil
ambrette seed essential oil
amyris essential oil
angelica root essential oil
anise essential oil
aniseed essential oil
apple essential oil
apricot essential oil
argan essential oil
armoise essential oil
arnica essential oil
balsam fir essential oil
balsam of peru essential oil
bamboo essential oil
banana essential oil
bay essential oil
bay laurel essential oil
bay leaf essential oil
bay rum essential oil
bayberry essential oil
bergamot mint essential oil
betel leaf essential oil
birch essential oil
bitter almond essential oil
bitter orange essential oil
black cumin essential oil
black currant essential oil
black spruce essential oil
blackberry essential oil
blood orange essential oil
blue chamomile essential oil
blue cypress essential oil
blue lotus essential oil
blue tansy essential oil
blueberry essential oil
boronia essential oil
burdock essential oil
cade essential oil
cajeput essential oil
calamus essential oil
calendula essential oil
camellia essential oil
camphor essential oil
caraway essential oil
cardamom essential oil
carnation essential oil
cassia essential oil
cassis essential oil
catnip essential oil
celery seed essential oil
champaca essential oil
cherry essential oil
cilantro essential oil
ciste essential oil
cistus essential oil
clementine essential oil
cocoa essential oil
coffee essential oil
comfrey essential oil
copaiba essential oil
coriander essential oil
cranberry essential oil
cucumber essential oil
cumin essential oil
damiana essential oil
davana essential oil
dill essential oil
dill seed essential oil
elemi essential oil
evening primrose essential oil
fennel essential oil
fig essential oil
fir needle essential oil
fragonia essential oil
frangipani essential oil
freesia essential oil
french lavender essential oil
galangal essential oil
galbanum essential oil
garlic essential oil
genet essential oil
ginger lily essential oil
green apple essential oil
green tea essential oil
heather essential oil
heliotrope essential oil
hemp essential oil
hibiscus essential oil
hinoki essential oil
ho wood essential oil
holy basil essential oil
honey essential oil
honeysuckle essential oil
hop essential oil
hyacinth essential oil
hyssop essential oil
immortelle essential oil
inula essential oil
iris essential oil
jatamansi essential oil
jojoba essential oil
juniper berry essential oil
juniper essential oil
key lime essential oil
labdanum essential oil
ledum essential oil
lemon eucalyptus essential oil
lemon myrtle essential oil
lemon verbena essential oil
licorice essential oil
lilac essential oil
lily essential oil
lily of the valley essential oil
linden blossom essential oil
linden essential oil
litsea cubeba essential oil
lotus essential oil
lotus flower essential oil
lovage essential oil
mace essential oil
magnolia essential oil
mandarin essential oil
mango essential oil
manuka essential oil
marigold essential oil
massoia bark essential oil
mastic essential oil
melrose essential oil
menthol essential oil
mimosa essential oil
mint essential oil
monarda essential oil
mugwort essential oil
myrtle essential oil
nag champa essential oil
narcissus essential oil
nard essential oil
neem essential oil
nerolina essential oil
nettle essential oil
nutmeg essential oil
oakmoss essential oil
ocotea essential oil
onion essential oil
opoponax essential oil
orange blossom essential oil (see Neroli)
orchid essential oil
orris essential oil
osmanthus essential oil
palmarosa essential oil
palo santo essential oil
parsley essential oil
passion flower essential oil
passion fruit essential oil
peach essential oil
pear essential oil
pennyroyal essential oil
peony essential oil
perilla essential oil
peru balsam essential oil
pikake essential oil
pimento essential oil
pineapple essential oil
pink grapefruit essential oil
plai essential oil
plumeria essential oil
pomegranate essential oil
pumpkin essential oil
raspberry essential oil
ravensara essential oil
ravintsara essential oil
red thyme essential oil
rock rose essential oil
roman chamomile essential oil
rosa damascena essential oil
rose maroc essential oil
rosehip essential oil
rue essential oil
saffron essential oil
sassafras essential oil
sea buckthorn essential oil
seaweed essential oil
spearmint essential oil
spruce essential oil
star anise essential oil
strawberry essential oil
styrax essential oil
sweet almond essential oil
sweet basil essential oil
sweet birch essential oil
sweet marjoram essential oil
sweet pea essential oil
sweetgrass essential oil
tagetes essential oil
tamanu essential oil
tangerine essential oil
tansy essential oil
tarragon essential oil
tea rose essential oil
thuja essential oil
tonka bean essential oil
turmeric essential oil
valerian essential oil
verbena essential oil
vervain essential oil
violet essential oil
violet leaf essential oil
white angelica essential oil
white birch essential oil
white camphor essential oil
white sage essential oil
white tea essential oil
white thyme essential oil
wintergreen essential oil
wisteria essential oil
witch hazel essential oil
wormwood essential oil
yarrow essential oil
yuzu essential oil

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